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Melvin the redeemer -> Totally Noob Question. Evolving? (6/20/2018 16:53:14)

Do how to evovle characters without soul gems. I have a ton of characters from years ago that i want to evolve at level 10 and i can;t without soul gems. Is there another way to do that?

The Finnish Phoenix -> RE: Totally Noob Question. Evolving? (6/20/2018 17:58:34)

Soul Gems are only necessary for evolving certain characters, but not all evolutions need them and most do not. You can tell if the evolution will require Soul Gems by the little blue orbs that appear on the character trees of those that require them, or by checking the Oversoul Wikidot.

Melvin the redeemer -> RE: Totally Noob Question. Evolving? (6/20/2018 18:04:07)

Thanks, i was confused because in 2013-2015 the Rev egg was free and i didnt evo it. was confuse why it requires SGs now.

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