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Battle Elf -> =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (8/6/2018 19:12:43)

Cyber Hunter Balance Discussion Thread

This is where you can discuss everything balance related to the Cyber Hunter class.
Got a skill that doesn't fit? Perhaps a combo that proves to be too strong and abusable. Discuss it here with everyone!

A few guidelines before we start:
  • All AE Forum rules are still in effect.
  • No comparisons between other classes. You can use certain facts to build your case on, but please do not turn this into a 'CH vs X' thread.
  • Everyone's opinions are just that. Opinions. If you don't agree, that's fine. But, there is no need for rule breaking behaviour.
  • Constructive Criticism is meant to improve something, not rant, whine and complain to be heard. If you are going to criticise, do so with the intent to give help, not tear down.

  • .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (8/6/2018 19:26:48)

    Cyber Hunter is lacking in energy control. Since the passive was removed to where it's not a defensive class, cyber has been struggling and the only thing that kept it alive was the static and massacre in early omega. After CH was killed after that, the only things that brought cyber back was the EMP grenade and the static charge. Well that was nerfed and since damage has been increased, cyber has a problem with energy manipulation and damage output.

    Cyber needs a way to minimize opponents damage so that they are able to beat classes that can regenerate HP.
    Rebuff EMP grenade would be a good recommendation. Also improving the plasma grenade would be nice (I hate the stunning purpose as I think it should be a damage thing, but people will probably shoot down removing the stun). I'd like to remove the stun and increase the damage to make cyber a better damaging class so it can compete ith other classes. Classes taht can't regenerate HP with moves need to have stronger moves to compensate. (Massacre doesn't count since it's not good for focus/str anymore, just support builds)

    EDIT: And plasma armor nerf, really? No point in that.

    NDB -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (8/7/2018 13:55:13)

    I think improving the damage on Plasma Grenade by a bit but decreasing the stun chance, maybe down to 20 or 15%, as a trade-off could be a really great idea.

    The Tech scaling on EMP does seriously need to be upped a bit again to make it usable.

    And yes, the nerf to Plasma Armor does seem a bit uncalled for.

    RaXZerGamingZ -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (8/8/2018 11:39:14)

    EMP is too weak, drains too low for the cost

    Plasma Armor didn't need a nerf

    Plasma Grenade has too low damage

    Massacre needs an additional effect like ignore % of defenses and an overal damage buff by about 10-20% (the lifesteal buff didnt help it much)

    Malfunction seems to be noticably weaker than on the Tech Mages

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (8/12/2018 19:08:47)

    Malf is really broken right now as a support Cyber Hunter, just watch out for this next update, would recommend if chance if TM gets nerfed back to normalcy

    This still holds true after the balance patch.

    Mass is kinda sick too...

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (9/23/2018 8:56:39)

    Support massacre is broken.

    Malf with this build needs a nerf, so does massacre. Massacre HP regen is kinda a bad idea with how much damage massacre does with this build, like honestly. You go 1v1 and this is almost all you see.

    .Lord Ginger. -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (4/28/2019 11:41:26)

    EMP grenade sucks too much for this energy manipulating class to be good. I donít know what yíalls vision for this class is, but itís not working.
    It seems you guys want tactical to be #1 and no other class should have a chance, besides tech mage and the ridiculous malfunction.you basically shoot up the debuff skills to make or break a class.

    Foulman -> RE: =ED= Cyber Hunter Balance Thread (4/28/2019 19:00:56)

    Funnily enough, f5 CH poison does very well against the cookie cutter TLM and TM while also being very weak against Merc/BH/Str TLM with Blood Hawks + Azrael. Plasma Armour doesn't complement robot/tech builds like Mineral/Hybrid Armour, making CH very vulnerable to Hawk/Smoke/Azrael/Physical damage combos. CH also doesn't have any skills that scale with Dex, basically forcing people to use 120 physical armour.

    Shadow Arts is still useless, while EMP grenade is by far the inferior skill compared to Atom Smash. It really isn't fair when you limit CH to using a Malf/Mass/Poison build that requires specific cores, or a f5 build that relies solely on heal looping to win.

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