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NDB -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (5/27/2020 23:34:15)

Draconic Cannon & Draconic Blaster
Link to image:
Design inspired by Draconic Destroyer and Draconic Devastator! Suitable for the Dragon seasonal event in August.

EpicDuel Character Page:

Okubi -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/4/2020 9:34:03)

Post not worth of this site. Please delete

Legro Inmortuorum -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/6/2020 7:31:00)

#1 weapon sketch:

Charter name- Legro Inmortuorum

Name: Legro's Cross Sword

In my imagination, it should be massive, but not too much. This version should be just P and color should be black with a white inside like in the sketch. But also can be created and more versions with different colors, for example, red, blue.

Link to image:

#2 weapons sketch:

Name: Guard's War Sword

Link to image:

Also sorry for sketches quality, it could be drawn more thoroughly:)

EpicDuel Character Page:

8x -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/7/2020 4:02:50)

The year is almost half done. Halloween?

nessix69 -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/8/2020 0:17:17)

Character Name: Nessix
Concept: Bananas

I'm a huge fan of bananas, and always loved the banana suit, but wish if we had more banana stuff like swords, guns, auxes so here's some pics to explain more

Really hope to see them in game soon! [:D]
Character Page:

Saggy -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/8/2020 21:54:40)

Character name: Epitome

Link to images:
Persias blade P:
Persias blade E:

Character Page:

Okubi -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/9/2020 9:15:46)

Inspired by old weapons in real life. Dont think there are any weapons like this in Epicduel. Intended as staffs, but could ofc be swords

Physical version :

Energy version :

Sorry for the bad quality. But I took the metal from the Epicduel wiki. Is there any better place to get higher res. pictures?

Plasma ACP with suppressor. Not original but love the original pistol so why not this? :

leo07123 -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/12/2020 10:46:06)

NPC Name: Leord

: Mega Gun
Image Link:

: Skull Reaper
Image Link:

Name: Alpha Lighting Blade
Image Link:

Character Name and Page: Hesperides

NDB -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/18/2020 0:32:27)

Dragon Buster III
Link to image:
My take on the Dragon Buster series. On the left, the runes and glowing parts are inactive. On the right is what the sword would look like in battle.

EpicDuel Character Page:

xMalebox -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/20/2020 20:41:52)

I'm a fan of unicorns, so this came out ... I don't know how to draw :P

Category: Sword & Mutating


EpicDuel character page:

Katakuri -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/21/2020 1:10:38)

Hello, this is my first time ever making art or weapons. I went for a few complicated designs but because I'm new they didn't work out so I just made a simple design which came to mind so you guys get the idea. You can add the color to it or make any changes however you like In my opinion this might look pretty good in game if it's "edited" well. This is my charpage. Image url I wanted to call this sword the bat slayer it can also have 2 variants E and P I wanted to go black and dark red for physical and dark blue and black for energy. I also tried to outline the bat a bit with white color so you know where it's at. Thanks. I would also like some animations on this.

H0T -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/21/2020 7:07:46)

Weapons images:
Weapons name: Variumbane E/P
Character name: H0T (P.S. : It's a zero not an O)
Character link:

NDB -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/21/2020 13:44:49)

I hate to be "that guy" again, but for subimitting to the suggestion shop, it really ought to be your own sketch. Try not to resort to photoshopping pieces of existing art, whether ingame or taken off of google images, or worse, calling in a friend to "help" you draw some items so you can get the achievement. Obviously, I'm not targeting anyone specific here since so many people have done it. What the suggestion shop has devolved into is a bit unsettling, personally, and I feel like there needs to be some much stricter guidelines for this. I have already gotten word that at least one person who's designs have already been implemented did not make the items by themself, and I had suspected as much. A simple proof that you made the weapon, such as a few screenshots of your work in the software that you designed it ( like this) has never historically been required, but at this point I don't think it would hurt to have it be.

Again, I hate to be the one to have to say these things and I'm not trying to put down anyone's submissions, but the way things are going is not exactly what I thought the suggestion shop was supposed to represent, and I've been here since the first suggestion shop. Sure, not everybody can draw well, but everybody can draw, so if you really want to submit an item, I would much, much rather see you try your best to do it yourself. Photoshopping is not drawing. I'm sure Nightwraith and Charfade take into consideration the creative concept and the execution of it equally anyway.

I would appreciate if I could get some resolution for my concerns.

Katakuri -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/22/2020 8:09:06)

My charpage . I tried to hand draw a few weapons. The first one is I don't have a name for this so you can add any name you want. I really like the concept of this sword it's simple but can be better if you're good with photoshop or arts, I wasn't that good so I'd like you guys to edit it. A gray bat fur in the middle and sharp black blades outlining the weapon will make it look so much cooler. The second art is this a devilish looking fish, We have had a fish remove your weapon when you are karthed but we never had an in game fish sword not one I can recall atm so this might be a good addition again I'm not good at drawing or art but I tried my best and a bit of editing can make it look so much better. I wanted this to be called the sea slayer. My last submission for this post is the most simplest of my "creations" It's a leaf sword, You can make it more taller and better looking this was just an idea. I would like to call it "The leaf" Thanks. I would also like some animation on these.

Char page= This sword was inspired from spiders . I wanted the blade to have a web touch or be made of web and add a few spider legs on the handle of the sword, the spider came off bigger than I expected so if you could fix that it would help. For the color scheme I would like red and black for the physical version and blue and red for the energy version, both blue and red should be dark.I have also thought of an animation for this, the spiders legs should move and the legs on the handle should move aswell. I wanted to call this sword "Katakuri" Thanks once again.

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Digital X -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/23/2020 18:33:00)

If we could cut down on the general discussion that would be nice thank you, if you wish to discuss suggestions, feedback or give ideas please use the PM function instead, as it clutters up the thread. The purpose of this topic is for posting of suggestions and general chatter takes away the focus of that, thanks.

H0T -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/24/2020 7:56:18)

Character name: H0T (P.S. : It's a zero not an O)
Character link:
Weapon link:
Weapon's name: Heavy Frost Slayer

Emolicious -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/26/2020 11:58:23)

Category: CC Swords

Link to image:

EpicDuel Character Page:

H0T -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/27/2020 13:13:23)

Items names: Dolphin Vehicle & Seahorse Mutation
Items link:
Character name: H0T (It's a zero not an O).
Character link:

YamiKaliko -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/27/2020 20:27:09)

Armor link:
Char Page:
Suggestion Name: Funny Clown Suit

shadow.bane -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/27/2020 23:26:02)

Sword suggestion : Bane's Destroyer
Armor suggestion : Mage King Armor

Character page link : Bane Hallow

Thanks in advance!

OscarAmesBH -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/28/2020 0:26:06)

Link to EpicDuel Charpage:
Item Name: Demonic Skull Breaker

YamiKaliko -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (6/29/2020 16:10:37)

Weapon Suggestion:
Damage: Physical
Suggestion Name: Dark Heart Blade

Auxiliary Suggestion:
Suggestion Name: Soda Cannon E
Damage Type: Energy

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Albus dumbledore -> RE: =ED= Item/Weapon Suggestions 2.0 (7/10/2020 19:12:09)

Sword name: Slayer of Heavens, a physical sword that can cut anything even the diamond.


EpicDuel character page:

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