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Roxas45 -> Other games? (8/17/2018 10:36:14)

First time posting in the "general" section of the forums.

Does anyone play any other games besides the AE series?
I personally am a major fan of the BioShock, Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts series (I apologise if I seem "normie" like)

If there is already a discussion on this going on somewhere, please can I be given a link?
If not, What about y'all? What do you guys play/enjoy?

Not limited to games like the ones I mentioned above (although I am an utter.... word... for plot related games), so thats also stuff like Paladins, Dota, etc.

Lord Noonien Soong -> RE: Other games? (8/17/2018 14:03:43)

Welp, I'm a bit of a picky gamer, so my selections are rather few, but in terms of the mainstream I tend to like playing any of the Fallout games (sans 76), GTA V, any of the Elder Scrolls (not online, though), any of the BioShocks, and any kind of horror survival (i.e. REVII or Alien: Isolation)

Less mainstream would be Wizardry 8, Civilizations IV and V, Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000, AQ Classic (the only AE game I still play consistently still after five years [8|]), Neverwinter Nights, and the Might and Magic series (VI-X).

Card games would just be Magic: The Gathering.

Seahawk -> RE: Other games? (8/17/2018 17:10:33)

As far as online gaming, I still keep up with Kingdom of Loathing, and I'm a shameless badge chaser on Kongregate's website. It's been ages since I touched any of my AE accounts, but I was always more a classic AQ guy (and to a lesser extent DF) since that's where I got started.

As far as PC/Console games, the Fallout series was always a favorite, for me focused more on Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics. I loved the Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale series, and I just started going through Planescape: Torment again. I was a big fan of the Resident Evil series (sadly, I lost my RE 0,1, and 2 when my systems were all stolen a few years back in a break-in), but I kind of got away from them after RE:4.

I've gotten much more into tabletop and RPG gaming in the last few years. Star Trek: Ascendancy and Gloomhaven are personal favorites, and RPG-wise I'm currently running a Soldier though a Starfinder campaign.

toidiedud -> RE: Other games? (8/17/2018 18:16:06)

I'm mostly an RPG guy myself. Whether thats JRPGs, RPG's, Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop RPGs. Thats my main jam but really I just play whatever. A lot of really intense action games is my other goto type. Been a solid year for RPG's this year.

Onyx Darkmatter -> RE: Other games? (2/10/2019 12:03:35)

I've been into Persona 5, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro (especially the remastered). There's still some games that I either haven't finished (Skyrim), or I haven't started yet (Bloodborne).

Vongola the Wise -> RE: Other games? (5/21/2019 2:36:28)

I've played every Metal Gear Solid game out there. You can say I'm a big fan. I also mainly play military games like ArmA, Rainbow Six, and Ace Combat. I don't like games that are too "arcadey" where you're basically a bullet sponge with regenerating health and everything is "too easy", unless they're able to justify it by making it fun with its other aspects like story and good design overall.

Rheannon -> RE: Other games? (8/5/2019 19:50:25)

I really love Pokemon and Etrian Odyssey.

Smalls -> RE: Other games? (8/27/2019 20:59:16)

These days I play mostly comp Overwatch (2.7k tank, 2.6k dps, 2.4k support), fire emblem three houses, and botw

Roxas45 -> RE: Other games? (8/29/2019 9:39:45)

Slight update to this. (Also, I kinda forgot I'd made this post, but I've been sick for a while soooo...)

I've recently started on Warframe on Steam, and also The Witcher :)

Glad to see so many people into a lot of the RPG games :D

Crystal Lion -> RE: Other games? (9/25/2019 22:49:30)

Lately I've gotten into games like Soulcalibur, and I still prefer life simulations like "Haven and Hearth."

The latter may have an ugly art style but the charm of living a medieval life makes up for it in my opinion.

toidiedud -> RE: Other games? (10/24/2019 9:58:50)

Been doing backlog right now cause Death Stranding soon and then outside of the Star Ocean 1 remaster thats it for me this year.

Though boy does next year look stuffed.

Wilderock -> RE: Other games? (1/28/2020 13:22:41)


Madden football, NBA 2k, fps games.....

NagisaXIkari -> RE: Other games? (2/1/2020 3:12:26)

All up in FFXIV for the last two years. Recently did a playthrough of The Sinking City which was all right, but much like the 2018 Call of Cthulhu, not a full price game.

Recently playing Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones which is really good, albeit super frustrating in places due to how I made my character and because there be some punishing mechanics plus the usual bugs and things.

Mad excited for FFVII Remake.

BlinxV3 -> RE: Other games? (6/2/2020 21:47:26)

I've played Terraria on my nintendo switch. I love that game. It's like minecraft, but a 2d.

Erikson994 -> RE: Other games? (10/15/2021 5:19:04)

Among Us: to have some "fun" time with my friends

Monster Hunter Rise: My very first Monster Hunter game, it's drastically different from Dark Souls (another series that I love) and it took so much time to get used to its mechanics. But the experience is definitely worth it.

Shin Megami Tensei 4: my go-to franchise for some serious, deep JRPG. Currently trying to finish SMT 4 before SMT 5 comes out.

mithtipped -> RE: Other games? (12/14/2021 10:31:28)

i rememeber playing artix entertainment games alongside runescape back in the day. In particular, there was a debate in my school over which was better between dragonfable and runescape.

Guardian Patrick -> RE: Other games? (12/16/2021 22:46:26)

I'm walking into anime gacha gaming xd lol

Xplayer -> RE: Other games? (12/29/2021 21:20:50)

I used to play a lot of Team Fortress 2, but most of my friends stopped playing that so I only go on every so often to blow off steam.

I got into Dota 2 for a while but had to quit for my mental health.

I've played a couple of CCGs like Yugioh, Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, and Shadowverse to various degrees of success (Legend, Mythic, Master). I did play tabletop MTG at least weekly for a couple years before COVID hit.

Other games I've put a lot of time into over the years include osu, Skyrim, Civ, Madden (mostly franchise experiments in 07), and all the Pokemon games.

Now I pretty much just play chess. I've gotten to a decent rating on both Lichess (~1900) and chess.com (~1700) and that takes up most of my "gaming" time.

Oh, and Fitness Boxing, but that's more like a workout lol.

fabri17 -> RE: Other games? (3/6/2022 22:52:48)

I must chime in for the chess bit because I cannot even fathom how it can be possible to have the ratings so close in those 2 platforms lol
I'm also 1700-1900ish on lichess, but for the life of me I cannot get past 1200-1300 on chess.com...

Benoni -> RE: Other games? (3/9/2022 23:28:54)

Lately I"ve just been playing Pokemon Legends:Arceus. I really love the direction they took with some of the mechanics. I didn't even buy or play Sword and Shield but they redeemed themselves by making a game in which a lack of the National Dex makes sense. I've been playing AQ a lot now because I can do all the stuff I couldn't back when I was a kid and I love it. I love it more than AQ 3D.

The Imp -> RE: Other games? (5/2/2022 2:17:22)

I've been in love with From Software almost as long as I've been here, since OG Demon's Souls. So Elden Ring lol

kaero85 -> RE: Other games? (5/11/2022 3:43:39)

Lately, I've been playing ESO. New DLC is coming soon.

Digital X -> RE: Other games? (5/14/2022 15:30:14)

I gave Elden Ring a good play, slowly getting better. Much more forgiving than Dark Souls.

Been recently playing a lot of Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. Over 2000 hours now on Euro Truck Sim 2.

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