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September 21, 2018
Call Me Ishmael
This is a light, but filling release as we introduce new bots, new auxiliaries and new vehicles. How will these new bots and core fit into your strategy? Find out soon! Next week will see a broader release with more balance changes, new armors, and new challenging missions!

New Features/Changes
  • New items are located in Ishamel's Shop in the West Naval Yard!
  • Bots
    • Pirate Bot P/E: Naval Barrage skill is an AOE attack with a 25% chance to stun/crit

  • Vehicles
    • Dark Kraken Carver
    • Kraken Carver CC

  • Auxiliary
    • Ishmael’s Impaler P/E: Poison Barbs core inflicts incurable poison of 50 damage for 3 turns. This unique poison cannot be cleansed or cured, but doesn't overlap with other poisons.

Balance Changes
  • Underdog - The community seems divided on whether or not Underdog buffs are too strong and in need of nerfs or necessary to compete against Legendary opponents. This week, we'll try a nerf to impact first strike and stats slightly. Next week, we'll try to follow it up with tighter matching in high-level 2v2.
    • Support buff removed from all levels to reduce chance of first strike and reduce impact of the buff overall

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dfo99 -> RE: =ED= September 21, 2018 - Call Me Ishmael (9/22/2018 11:36:37)

why skills on ed don't overlap in general?

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