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Diliansi -> Battle Royales - Now Recruiting! (9/30/2018 16:00:40)



Battle Royale is currently looking for active members to join the guild!


What does Battle Royales stand for?
Battle Royales is ann open-minded and tolerant group for people who want to find some common ground in an accepting group of people invested in AQW.
We as a group strive to represent diversity and tolerance, and want to help others find a place to be themselves. We also strive to create a mature setting for older players more invested in the game.

Why should i join Battle Royales?
Because we strive to be an active and inclusive guild that meet your specific needs as a person who enjoys MMORPGs!
No matter what, we ensure you that we will find the desirable amount of time for you to spend in the group, participating in guild activities, while also keeping yourself rooted in the responsibilities of real life.
And we also ensure that no matter what, nobody in the group will be harassed or bullied because of who they are.
And we also host cool events where you get to hang out with fellow guildmembers, in a mature yet relaxed setting that allows for you to be yourself. Besides we also have a cool website.


How do i join?

Itīs very simple!
You just hit up our guild leader, Diliansi, on Discord and send her a friend request. Then you can begin the quick process of joining the guild!
Her tag is Sleipner#0590

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