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Location: Vaal, Egomaniacs, Vaal Appears!

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Melee
Element: Fire

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: Level*5/2
DEX: Level*5/2
INT: Level*5/8
CHA: 100
LUK: Level*5/8
END: Level*5/4
WIS: 0

Melee: 10 + Level/10 + LUK/20
Pierce: 10 + Level/10 + LUK/20
Magic: 10 + Level/10 + LUK/20
Block: 10
Parry: 10
Dodge: 10

Crit: 15 + LUK/10
Bonus: Level/5
Boost: 0%

Ice: 200
Shrink: 100
Darkness: 200
Immobility: 50
Fire: 200

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - Vaal summons various strands of chaos dealing 9 hits of 100% Fire damage, stunning his target for one turn.
Attack Type 2 - Vaal laughs, dealing 3 hits of 100% Fire damage and healing 10% of his maximum HP.
Attack Type 3 - Vaal throws Transcendence at his target, which spins and returns back to him, dealing 6 hits of 100% Fire damage and inflicts 'Bloodwoven' to his target for 50% damage every turn for 7 turns.
Attack Type 4 - Vaal summons multiple brambles from the floor to deal 5 hits of 100% Fire damage and applies 'Shattered', inflicting -50 All and +50 Health to his target for one turn. (Pop-up: Resistances shattered.)
Attack Type 5 - Vaal summons various butterflies to deal 13 hits of 100% Fire damage.
Attack Type 6 - If the player has fallen below 40% of their maximum HP, Vaal snaps his fingers and instantly kills his target.
Attack Type 7 - If the player has Transcendence or Dark Transcendence equipped, whether shown or hidden, Vaal snaps his fingers and instantly kills his target. (Pop-up: There can be only one. You are a mockery.)

Other information
  • While facing Vaal, the player will lose 10% of their health every 45 seconds in real-time. (Pop-up: Vaal's Ego punishes you.)


    Thanks to TFS for original entry, images and other information.

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