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.Lord Ginger. -> Skeptical Study (10/14/2018 9:07:14)

This mission has no right to be here.

The shards that you can turn into this mission lead up to the elemental controller that you already turn in for 'trash or treasure'.

This quest should be deleted, because there's no way to complete both of the quests.

Literally, there isn't, unless you don't want to complete the legion or the exile part of the FF chain.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Skeptical Study (10/31/2018 23:30:38)

^ Retweet

Romaian Master -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 1:57:50)

I agree with this, I'm never going to be able to complete it because I might've sold the item.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 8:27:56)

I mean the item is unsellable but you already turn it in with another mission, the other one they added a couple weeks before with the elemental controller, which makes this one physically impossible to complete.

Because the shards lead up to the elemental controller, no reason to have this mission.

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 13:12:17)

Correct me if I'm wrong but you can can duplicates of both the shards and the controller can't you?

Mother1 -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 13:40:29)


Unlike the tutorial weapons these items aren't NPC drops but rather mission rewards. so there is only 2 of each of these items.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 16:52:51)

You can get 2 versions of shards and 2 controllers, however both the shards turn into a controller, and only 1 of the controllers is used in chain, so the mission turning in the controller is fine, but a mission turning in shards is pointless

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 22:14:40)

It's been a hot minute since I've seen these chains are these the faction specific ones? If so the issue came from people switching sides before turning them in to get the controller.

I'm also on my phone so navigating the wiki is a pain so you'll have to forgive my questions. Worse still if it's the missions I think it is I helped with the event

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 23:08:24)

Basically frozen fury chain 1 has a legion and an exile side where you get the controller, and you turn it in in part 3, but thereís no alignment for the 3nd chain, so youíd have a duplicate controller, and only a controller. No shards

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/1/2018 23:39:24)

Yeah so skeptical study is a failsafe if for some reason you didn't complete enemy spirits or shaman spirit and instead switched alignments before turning them in to collect your 2.5k credits.

Why you would do that I have no idea but it was apparently a thing that was happening. Instead of forcing players to switch back alignments to fix the issue a neutral quest was made to turn them in

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/2/2018 0:37:16)

But then they donít complete the other mission chain.
Itís a mission you canít complete which is really annoying. And the fact that people get 2500 credits for shards when I only got 1k for my controller is s rob.

Missions are meant to completed and itís literally incompletable.

There needs to be a way for me to complete it, honestly.

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Skeptical Study (11/2/2018 0:57:23)

It's a bit odd that you can abandon those chains prior to getting all the shards and the failsafe was put in requiring you to have all of the shards.

Then again if you did the other option of making the shards sell for 625 so selling all for grants the same reward you might have people selling the shards prior to completing the mission. Then you'd have to put the shards in a shop, for say 625 a pop, as another failsafe.

Really the alternative sounds better to me but I have no idea what went on behind the scenes for this one

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