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Juan Tipo -> Referendum: Passives Question (10/15/2018 0:25:55)


I'm fully aware there's a lot of forum posts regarding this subject, but the purpose of this thread is to see how many are in favor of such a return if possible and see who opposes it. I don't intend this to be a fight between who supports it or not, but to have a insight of what the forum users think.

To be able to have an accurate number, we're going to see how many people support a return of passives in the forums, and this referendum doesn't represent the views of those who don't post in the forums.

Romaian Master -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/15/2018 1:27:24)

I'm definitely for this. (However, never going to happen sadly).

Battle Elf -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/15/2018 14:24:32)

Gonna remove the polling part of this discussion. The dev team already knows the community has been asking for passives back. Feel free to discuss the pros/cons of passives here, but know that just because an idea is popular doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be implemented, e.g "bring back Beta"

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/15/2018 14:34:34)

Pros: Shorter battles, much easier to balance classes
Legendary bosses wouldn’t be just beatable with a few classes
Class identity would return
Game would be more about attacks rather than energy manipulation?
Can invest points in energy without getting screwed over by blood mage

Cons: Would have to change legendary bosses because they’d destroy anything without actives
Lot of skills would have to be changed back to implement this and we don’t have Titan
All these new robots, cores would make this really... interesting.

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/16/2018 21:21:52)

I'm still in the mindset that passives, if they were to return, should be something you get just for using the class. Not like the system we had were the passive fell somewhere on the teir list so some classes got them sooner and had an advantage early game for that reason alone.

Just give every class rank five of the passive they had at the removal of passives and balance it from there. Maybe make up some new ones to better create class identity. Then you can add bots that interact with passives as possible options just to keep things interesting.

If the design factor currently is "why not?" Then ya know it might be time to try and schedule time to steal Titan back from AQ3D for what would undoubtedly be a large interest boost in ED. No clue about the long term player count impact but the vocal minority makes it seem like you would see an upswing

Mother1 -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/20/2018 13:59:54)

here is another pro if passives came back and actives left. the pyro fly would get indirectly nerfed back to what it originally was prior to passive to active change. Meaning that it won't destroy a build if it hits the right attack. not to mention it would also make a heavy dent on this energy meta since the moves that cost energy would no longer exist.

though as lord ginger mentioned legendary battles which are centered around actives would become 100% impossible due to the severe lack of quick energy regeneration for all but blood mage seeing as their drainer would be the only one that works.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/20/2018 14:05:19)

Parasite gets replaced by deadly aim ^

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/20/2018 14:22:46)

You could replicate their effect with cores. Armor or auxillary cores that sacrifice damage for energy regeneration but on a long timer as far as EpicDuel goes

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (10/20/2018 15:05:06)

I want things like Static Grenade, Static Smash, the way frenzy works now after being updates to work with actives, battery, parasite


Even if we don't have passives. These things don't make the game better, they make it worse.

Infinite looping with things, unable to balance static grenade/ parasite.
Just needs to go.

grizzly11 -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (1/18/2019 15:36:43)

i wrote a post to other topic about that and i will repeat my opinion. i agree with those people who whant to return old passive cores. the passive cores are useful in game and every game is interesting by passive cores and every player was playing cause were passive cores and now everyone knows that players numbers are reduced and reason is of course old passive cores. i think every player would be appreciate if they return.

SouL Prisoner -> RE: Referendum: Passives Question (1/19/2019 0:31:33)

get those health boosters back [8D]

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