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Jay -> Edelia (10/27/2018 20:11:16)


Access Point: Tkaanie -> Edelia -> Travel
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Obsidian Tomb
Release Date: August 31st, 2018

Quests Available

Edelia Student(s)
Edelia Teacher(s)


Center Hallway

Student (1): Baltael AND Oyva are examining us!!! This is too much pressure.
Student (2): Mhm...
Student (1): I can't take it man!
Student (2): Mhm...
Student (1): Are you even listening to me?!
Student (2): Mhm...

Student (1): So, we pass together, move to Ull and open our own weaving business!
Student (2): Yeah! Ull is such a quiet place, nothing ever happens there! It'll be perfect.

Student (1): I passed!!! Maybe me and my family will be invited to Nieboheim now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Student (2): Literally, like, no one cares. What have they made you do? A cute scarf? A top?
Student (1): ... I'm not telling you...
Student (3): Oh, come on, girlfriend! Spill the beans.
Student (1): Ok, so, get this... *whisper whisper*
Student (2): OMSnoway!!!

Left Hallway

Barvra: You'll be fine, Katia. Me and my soulally will be here, waiting and rooting for you! And when you're done, we'll go and eat as many pies as you like!
Hiraeth: Remember to do finger exercises while you wait for your turn. It will help you relax and make weaving easier.
Hiraeth: If the finals didn't change from the time I took them, you're more than ready to pass with a top score!
Hiraeth: Trust your own soulally, let them guide your soulthreads. Pass with poise!
Katia: ... Thank you, both.

Teacher: The next batch of students is about to be tested. If you are a vistor, please wait here.

Right Hallway

Student: I failed. My life is over. No, I'm not being extra right now, leave me alone!

Teacher: Greetings. Unfortunately, the next round of soulweaving finals is starting soon. Please do not disturb the students.

Other information
1. Also known as Edelia University, a prestigious school of soulweaving.
2. Heading down from outside Edelia continues onto the Tkaanie Path.

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