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Mysterious Artifact!

Location: Mogloween - Main Town OR Mogloween Portal Painting

«Inside Warlic's shop which now has a snazzy constellation rug...»

Warlic: Ah, «You», good to see you this Mogloween season. I need your help with a small problem.
Warlic: You see, I recently uncovered an artifact. The artifact has some potential...
Warlic: it has been inbued with some of the power of the Ley Lines that were lost during that terrible war between the Necromancers and Paladins.
Warlic: I was in the middle of studying this artifact when my nephew Barry arrived. Somehow he had an accident with my cauldron, causing an explosion.
Warlic: He's been unable to speak since the incident, so I don't have many details. However, after the smoke cleared and I cleaned up the mess, the artifact was missing.
Warlic: I need your help to find the rogue that stole it and bring it back! Its powers are quite unstable and could easily be abused in the wrong hands.
Warlic: In the mean time, I will concoct a healing salve to attend to Barry's injuries.
«You»: Of course Warlic. I will start tracking them down immediately.

«In front of Yulgar's Inn...»

«You»: The artifact was stolen earlier today, so the thief couldn't have gotten far. Better start looking around town for cl--

«Twilly appears before you with his arm in a sling and a bandage on his face...»

Twilly: «You»! *pant* I need your helps! *pant* a group of Paladins have gone CRAZY!!!
«You»: Whoa! Slow down Twilly! What about Paladins?
Twilly: It's CRAZY!! I was helping decorate for Mogloween, when all of a sudden we were attacked by Paladins!
«You»: Are you sure you were attacked by Paladins? What if it was just someone dressed up as them trying to pull a prank on you?
Twilly: ...and I thought it was such a great prank I decided to dress up like I'd been beaten?
  • Point >.>
    Twilly: They were yelling that we were horrible monsters who had come to terrorize the town!
    «You»: That doesn't really--
    Twilly: They were also yelling "death to the undead!" and they didn't demand a single piece of candy!
    «You»: (thinking)Something attacks around Mogloween and DOESN'T demand candy??
    «You»: Clearly there is something suspicious here! I'll investigate at once, Twilly!
    «You»: You should go see Warlic and see if he has any of that healing salve left.

    «You appear in the land decorated for Mogloween...»

    «You»: (thinking)Well, here's where Twilly said he was attacked.

    «A Paladin Artillery shows up.»

    Paladin: Stop right there you undead freak!
    «You»: That'd be my cue.
  • Fight!
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal* every second battle

      *You grab one of the Paladins' healing spells and keep fighting!
    «You»: (thinking)Wow, these Paladins are acting crazy! And they seem to be stronger than I remember! Something tells me that Warlic's missing artifact may be involved here.

    «This time a Paladin Axe Master appears...»

    Paladin: Have at ye, knave!! Though shalt perish for felling my brethren!
    «You»: Here we go again....
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal every second battle
    «You»: Ok, this is ridiculous. Who the heck is even leading these guys? I've barely seen Artix since his Order dissolved so it can't be him....
    ???: You! It's you! The vile fiend that steals potions! You are the leader of these vile creatures ransacking the town!
    «You»: Wait, that voice... no....

    «A fully armored Paladin appears, shiney helmet and all...»

    Leeroy Jenkins: I shalt have my revenge!
    «You»: Give me a minute here, I need some time to process this!

    Leeroy Jenkins: Alright, time's up, let's do this. Leeeeeeeeeroooooooyyy JEEEEEEENKIIIIINS!
      BATTLE: Leeroy Jenkins
      Full Heal
    «After defeating Leeroy, he glows for a bit before the artifact is ejected from him and breaks into the ground...»

    «You»: Leeroy? Are you ok?
    Leeroy Jenkins: Ugh... what happened?
    ???: THERE YOU ARE!!!

    «Leeroy's teammate of warrior and mage comes in.»

    Amani: I sent you to get a new spell from Warlic's shop! What have you been doing??
    Leeroy Jenkins: I... I went in there... I remember I talked to the Mage's nephwe. He said his uncle was busy and offered to make lunch while I waited.
    «You»: I think I see where this is going.
    Leeroy Jenkins: Things went all explody, but then I saw this glowing shiny! I had to touch it and... I don't remember much after that.
    «You»: I'm going to guess that watever power was inside that artifact drove you crazy. But where did you find a bunch of other Paladins?
    Grodd: Yulgar's was having a sale on light weapons, so....
    «You»: Wait, what? Yulgar's was having a sale?
    Grodd: It's over now.
    «You»: Dang it, I wanted some sweet gear!

    «A chest magically appears behind you...»

    Leeroy Jenkins: What about that conveniently placed treasure chest over there?
    «You»: Yeah, that'll work. However, promise me you won't go and cause any more trouble?
    Amani: don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him. Honestly, you couldn't even go to the shop without causing a ruckus?

    «All three of them leave.»

    «You»: Wait, what about the... oh well, more for me!
  • Rewards! (Opens the "Mysterious Artifact" Shop)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Mysterious Artifact

  • Paladin Lord's Axe [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]
  • Pumpkin Fang [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

    Write up thanks to Tep Itaki.

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