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brotherinlaw -> Brainstorming the Inventory Issue (11/11/2018 11:50:38)

NOTICE: this is not a suggestion thread. There is no guarantee any staff will see what you suggest, nor any chance it will ever get into the game. For that, please see the player suggestion thread HERE. This is just a discussion thread.

Alright people, here's a fun little project for all of us. A lot of us have complained about limited inventory and bank spaces, but today I want to be proactive. Let's brainstorm a way to fix this problem!

Now, I will go first (for obvious reasons). Looking over the design notes, I feel I have come up with a fair, balanced system that should address the issue.

Step one would be to add purchasable inventory spaces to your backpack. This won't solve the problem for everyone, but it should serve as a quick fix.

Step two is to make DC items free to store In the bank. This would free up a LOT of space for many, and is arguably the best thing in AQW for free players.

For step three, I would like to point out that AQ's most under-rated and unknown feature is the property management system. When houses are implemented, I would like to go a step further and add craftable items that can go on your property and have various purposes. Among them, various chests and storage devices are a must, with higher tier items storing more gear. We could even have item-specific storage, like helm-racks and weapon shelves.

The fourth and final step would be the use of a wardrobe system, similar to DF's wardrobe, yet vastly different. Removing the need for cosmetic items, the wardrobe would equip the cosmetic of whatever gear you had in your inventory and, quite possibly, your storage. That way, all items could have stats and they wouldn't take up inventory spaces.

So, what do you guys think? Do you have a way to tweak and fine-tune these ideas? Or perhapse you have an even better idea of your own? For those with ideas, I'd encourage them to go to the Player Suggestion Thread, listed above, as well as the discussion we're having on the Design Notes HERE. Have fun and, please, be civil.

XeNON_54 -> RE: Brainstorming the Inventory Issue (11/12/2018 6:20:35)

Just make cosmetics and equipped items take up some other space instead of the inventory

I mean they are technically on your character not in the bag
Why would it even use space when its equipped?

This isn't DragonFable and this isn't FLASH

Wootz -> RE: Brainstorming the Inventory Issue (11/12/2018 15:53:27)

Brainstorming mode activated: *tntn*

Anyway, the problem from what I experience personally is the huge number of either almost useless or completely useless misc. items. Weapons and armor parts didn't really get into my way, as most of the drops are vendor trash anyway.
A possible solution to this might be a different inventory specifically for miscellaneous items which would greatly free the ammount of inventory space for all your weapon and armor galore parades or whatever. Or just use the ESO method of introducing a crafting bag which stores an inifinite ammount of crafting items into it as a buyable option.

LambO -> RE: Brainstorming the Inventory Issue (11/14/2018 1:02:57)

Make 1 set = 1 inventory slot.

So, let's say, if you have the Guardian set in your inventory which takes up 6 (I think) slots, instead it should class as 1 slot. In the inventory it will be named Guardian set, once you click it, it should pop up with all the pieces of the set for you to pick & choose from.

Also, if you pick up random gear from randoms monsters, they still class as 1 inventory slot each in your inventory since they do not come with a set.

Not sure if possible, but would make everything a lot easier to deal with.

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