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The Rules of the AQ Q&A Forum

  • All =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!

    These should be the first thing you read when you join the forums. They apply everywhere; this means that any behavior prohibited by the Universal Rules is prohibited in this forum. This means no flaming, no trolling, no spamming your signature or emoticons, and no mentioning hacking. Period.

  • Commonly asked questions.

    If a question is frequently asked, you'll probably find the answer in =AQ= Frequently Asked Questions.
    Before posting your question, please have a look through that topic. If you are having trouble finding the answer to your question in the FAQ, press CTRL and F together to search the thread. We also have [FAQ] tagged topics in the general forum area - look for those as well (we bump them regularly, so they'll never be more than one page down.)

  • Thread Titles

    Thread titles MUST relate to the question being asked. If your thread title is something along the lines of "help!" or "????" it will be seen as spam and removed.

  • How to answer questions

    The best way to answer questions is with facts, so don't guess at answers or give what you think is the right answer. If there is a link to an answer, give it. If someone asks about a quest, link them to the Encyclopedia entry for it. If someone wants to know where to find a weapon, link them to the Encyclopedia entry, and so on. Please make sure that your answer is correct before posting.

  • No Discussion

    This is a Question and Answer forum, so any thread posted to discuss a topic belongs in the AQ GD forum. The AQ Q&A forum is not for discussion; once a question has been answered, you should not continue to post in its thread.

  • No Farming Threads

    Threads about where and how to farm are disallowed in this forum. For farming spots, check the AQ Guides section of the forum. You will find the Farming Guide Compilation, which is the principal resource for requesting and discussing specific farming spots.

  • No Duplicate Topics

    If you have a question, please search the forum to see if someone had it first. If there is already a thread about your topic, please read it first to see if the replies answer your question.

  • No Hijacking

    While duplicate topics are not permitted, please do not post in someone else's thread with your own questions. If your issue is not addressed by any existing threads, please use [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/blue/post.gif[/image] and post your own thread.

  • No Game Account Questions

    If there is something wrong with your AQ game account, please use the Help Pages. No one on the forums can help you with any game account issues, so please do not post about them in this forum.

  • No Begging

    Begging for Membership, or an upgrade to any of the other AE games is not permitted. Do NOT do it at all, not in PMs, not in threads. There are no contests for which an upgrade is a prize, either. It only encourages begging.

  • No Spam / Mini-modding

    This forum is for AQ-related questions ONLY; please be sure to use the appropriate forum for your topic. If you have found a bug, please use the AQ Bugs forum. For discussion of the game, please use the AQ GD forum. Anything regarding AExtras belongs in the AExtras forum. If you see someone posting spam, please do not reply to it. Mini-modding is also against the rules, and replying to spam just creates more spam. If you find a post or a thread that breaks the rules, please PM one of the AQ Q&A ArchKnights.

  • Thread Bumps

    In this forum thread bumping is allowed so long as it meets two conditions and they are the only exceptions. 1.) Your thread must go 24 hours without a response in order to be able to bump it without it considered spam or 2.) If your thread drops to page 2 or further with no replies you are allowed to bump your thread. That means 24 hours from the time you posted the thread. A few minutes earlier is obviously not the end of the world and won't be considered spam but please do not take this as an open invitation as a few minutes is equal to hours. The four official FAQ threads are exempt from this rule and are bumped at any point in time when an AK deems appropriate.

  • Use your Resources

    The AQ Encyclopedia is a very helpful and important resource. Please search it before posting to ask questions here. There is also three floating official threads that hold a lot of useful info.

    =Q&A= Mastercrafted Sets - All questions here, please.
    =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots)
    =Q&A= Houses, Estates, and Portals
    =Q&A= Battle Strategy

  • No Hacking Accusations!

    This is stated in the Universal Rules, but it needs to be said again. Do NOT post in the AQ Q&A with any hacking accusations about anyone. It is not allowed. This includes any questions about a player's equips, name, skills, classes, armors, or anything else that has a staff member's name in the item's name or after it. Contact a Forum Moderator from this list if you would like to report someone. Do not post about them.

  • Equipment Comparison

    Comparison request size is limited to six options. This means you can ask for six weapons compared in one armor with one set of stats, two weapons compared in three armors with one different sets of stats, three armors compared with one weapon with 2 sets of stats, six pets compared with one set of stats, comparisons between stats themselves (such as INT vs. STR) and so on. If you have more than six options to request, do so in multiple threads.

    Formats are suggested for use when asking for comparisons. Please remember to include all item components in a comparison request; weapons comparisons require an armor, and vice versa. The format is given below for your convenience:

    [b]Item(s) in question (with Encyclopedia links*):[/b]
    [b]Any Additional Notes**:[/b]

    *Encyclopedia links are very helpful for those members answering your request. Each request takes a significant amount of time to complete, and it is greatly appreciated if they do not have to go searching for the information they need to complete your comparison. To add links, you can use this code:
    or use the "link" button next to quote at the top of the screen when posting a message.

    **Additional notes include such things like an armor or weapon to use in the comparison, or a booster such as CIT or mage robes.

    Members comparing items should use the standards laid out in =AQ= Comprehensive Comparison Requests Standards. As stated in this thread, please use the value closest to the requesting member's character level. If the member requesting the comparison states that he/she wants the comparison done with a standard of his/her choosing, use that standard instead of the standard closest to the character level.

  • Battle Strategy

    Battle Strategy requests should be posted in =Q&A= Battle Strategy

    Formats are suggested for use when asking for Battle Strategy advice.

    [b]Monster/Quest Name:[/b]
    [b]Character Link:[/b]
    [b]Level Version of Monster:[/b]
    [b]Items Equipped:[/b]
    [b]Previously Used Strategies:[/b]

  • Character Advice or Character Suggestion Questions

    When asking for character advice or suggestions, please offer as much helpful information as possible. The more information provided, the better the help will be.

    Formats are suggested for use when asking for character advice to provide extra information for those that are giving the advice.
    Character Advice
    [b]Character Link :[/b]  
    [b]Level & Status :[/b]
    [b]Build :[/b]  
    [b]Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable):[/b]
    [b]Custom Weapon[/b]
    [*] [b]Element:[/b]
    [*] [b]Accuracy Lean:[/b]
    [*] [b]Special Rate:[/b]
    [b]Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions :[/b]
    [b]Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) :[/b]
    [b]Notes :[/b]
    [b]Goals :[/b]
    [b]Z-Tokens (If Applicable):[/b]

    On Answering Questions:

    Please remember that we were all new once; new to the forums and new to the games. Responding to questions with kindness and understanding is not a request, it is a demand. Any replies that do not add to the topic at hand will be removed - some without notice, some with penalties including official warnings. Any instances of discourteous replies that flame or troll another user will also be met with consequences including official warnings.

  • afterlifex -> RE: <b>=AQ= Question & Answers Forum Rules (Updated 11/16/18) (11/16/2018 14:35:56)

    If an issue arises within the AQ Q&A (be it clarification of the rules, an issue with a specific user, or reporting rule violations), the following is a list of individuals to contact. If you wish to report threads in violation of the rules, you may contact any AdventureQuest ArchKnight. If you have an issue with an ArchKnight, please contact the head moderator of this forum. If your issue is with the moderating staff, please contact [image]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/image] Zyrain.

    AQ Q&A Head Moderator:

    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] afterlifex

    AQ Q&A Associated Moderator

    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Scakk

    AdventureQuest ArchKnights

    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Affinity
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] AnimalKing
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Digital X
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] DragonUltraMaster
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Dwelling Dragonlord
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Evo
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] James Lu
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Rorshach
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Ultrapowerpie
    [img]http://forums2.battleon.com/f/image/pm.gif[/img] Ward_Point

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