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kors -> Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (12/7/2018 0:35:15)

So who here is hyped for the new Smash? Who is going to play it, and more importantly... who are you going to be smashing as?

Oh and... Look who stole the show?

toidiedud -> RE: Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (12/7/2018 13:18:19)

This game will consume me. Everything about it feels so good. I wasn't so hot on the last game but everything here feels so good and the spirit stuff is real fun. I just gotta get good again I'm so rusty.

Also the Joker announcement for DLC is the most out of left field thing I love it I can't wait to see the other DLC's.

kors -> RE: Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (12/8/2018 18:03:02)

Yeah, I know lol. I think I'm going to main him lol. At least if he is even halfway decent.

And I'm been surprised by a few characters. I didn't think I would love Simon, but oddly, I'm amazing with him lol. Beat a bunch of people pretty good as him.

toidiedud -> RE: Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (12/11/2018 13:59:37)

The Belmonts are pretty fun but I gotta stick with good ol Samus.

Also finished World of Light and that was a fantastic romp though they could have cut down half of the fights overall but still very worthwhile with good payoff.

kors -> RE: Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (12/12/2018 0:28:03)

Oh yeah. That final boss fight was an amazing one in terms of sheer awesomeness, and even ironically seems almost thematically appropriate for in how the fight works, unlike the other non-Hand fights and even master Core.

Vongola the Wise -> RE: Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (5/21/2019 2:40:28)

Wasn't too much of a fan of the story mode. I preferred Brawl's co-op fun.

I like the giant roster though.. Also Snake is back

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