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Jay -> Hacked Magi Drone (12/8/2018 3:39:20)

[image]https://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DC.png[/image]Hacked Magi Drone
Your very own Magi Drone! It obeys your every command, so long as that command is "attack". Has a chance to increase your enemy's Health resistance, amount based on your CHA.

Proof of your victory over the Azaveyran challenges.

(No DA Required)

Location: Azaveyran Rewards
Price: N/A
Required Items: 1 Entangled Crown of Azaveyr & 1 Magester's Keepsake
Sellback: 0 Dragon Coins

Level: 1
Damage: Scaled, rounded up
  • Min: [(Player's level)*6/5 - 5], bounded below 1, capped at 100
  • Max: [(Player's level)*6/5 + 5], capped at 100
Element: Fear
Bonuses: Crit +5, Bonus +5
Resists: None

Rarity: 1

Attack Type 1 - Approaches target and crashes into it for 1 hit of 100% Pierce Fear damage. (Rate: 75%)
Attack Type 2 - Approaches target and blasts it with blue energy for 1 hit of 100% Pierce Fear damage; applies 'Plasma Burn' (+X Health Resist) to target for 4 turns inclusive, where X is equal to [15 + (Player's CHA)/10], rounded up. (Rate: 25%)

Other information
  • Pet is animated; it hovers up and down in place, while its components twitch and blue energy flares from inside it continuously.


    Thanks to
  • Silver for image, damage scaling information, and rate information.
  • Dratomos for entry information.
  • Solanaceae for Health Resist formula information.

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