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Magester Mislav

Location: Magester Mislav, The Beginning and the End, Magester Mislav Appears!

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Magic
Element: Fear

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: 0
DEX: Level/8
INT: Level*5/8
CHA: 25
LUK: Level/8
END: Level/8
WIS: 0

Melee: 5 + Level/10 + LUK/20
Pierce: 5 + Level/10 + LUK/20
Magic: 5 + Level/10 + LUK/20
Block: 1
Parry: 0
Dodge: 1

Crit: 5 + LUK/10
Bonus: 5 + Level/5
Boost: 0%

Immobility: 75

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - Magester Mislav casts a mana shield, applying 'Deflection Barrier' (+140 Block/Dodge/Parry and causes attackers to take 100% damage with each hit) to himself for 3 turns. This attack adds Mana to Mislav's combination attacks. (Pop-up: The magester channels his mana.)
Attack Type 2 - Magester Mislav blasts his target with plasma magick, dealing 5 hits of Fire damage and 4 hits of Energy damage. This attack adds Plasma to Mislav's combination attacks.
Attack Type 3 - Magester Mislav unleashes gravity magick upon his target, dealing 2 hits of Wind damage and 1 hit of Stone damage. This attack attempts to inflict 'Weight of the World' (a stun) upon its target for 1 turn and adds Gravity to Mislav's combination attacks.
Attack Type 4 - Magester Mislav douses his target with a torrent of acid, dealing 2 hits of Water damage and 2 hits of Darkness damage. This attack inflicts 'Darkwater' (a 50% damage Water DoT) upon its target for 3 turns and adds Acid to Mislav's combination attacks.

Other information
  • When used in succession, Magester Mislav's attacks become empowered with the following combination effects:
    • Mana + Plasma: Deals doubled damage. (Pop-up: The magester unleashes his channeled mana for extra damage!).
    • Mana + Gravity: Replaces 'Weight of the World' with 'Weight of the Void,' a 2 turn stun. (Pop-up: The magester unleashes his channeled mana to crush you into the ground.)
    • Mana + Acid: Inflicts 'Stuck' (-90 Melee/Pierce/Magic defense) upon its target for 2 turns, regardless of whether or not the attack hits. (Pop-up: The magester unleashes his channeled mana to slow you down!)
    • Plasma + Plasma: Resets the combination effect.
    • Plasma + Gravity: Deals doubled damage. (Pop-up: The lingering energy of the magester's last attack empowers this one.)
    • Plasma + Acid: Deals doubled damage. (Pop-up: The magester's residual energy empowers this attack!)
    • Gravity + Plasma: Inflicts 'Blinded' (-50 Bonus) upon its target for 3 turns. (Pop-up: The magester flashes a bright magical light through the darkness!)
    • Gravity + Acid: Inflicts 'Mindlock' (a 50% damage Water DoT that targets MP) upon its target for 3 turns. (Pop-up: The magester attempts to break your concentration!)
    • Acid + Plasma: Inflicts 'Electrified Acid' (a 50% damage Energy DoT) upon its target for 3 turns. (Pop-up: The magester electrifies the acid!)
    • Acid + Gravity: Inflicts 'Solid Acid' (a 100% damage Metal DoT) upon its target for 3 turns. (Pop-up: The magester solidifies the acid!)
  • Magester Mislav follows the skill rotation; Attack Type 1 -> FREE (3) -> Attack Type 2 (2) -> Repeat, using Attack Types 2, 3, and 4 at random on free turns.


    Also See: Magester

    Thanks to Verlyrus for combination effects.

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