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Cataleptic -> =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (12/21/2018 16:58:17)


December 21, 2018

Endless M4tr1x Appears!

We hope you've been hanging onto those Omega Wolf Shards, because you'll need them to unlock Endless Matrix's shop and access awesome cosmic and winter-themed gear!

You can find Endless M4tr1x to the right of the 2017 Gifting Leaderboard in Titan's Peak in Frysteland! If this selection doesn't please you, there's still more to come! Expect another update Sunday or Monday with a buffed inventory!


  • It appears that Mages are hurting, with Hunters still in the lead. We'd like to buff Mages a bit to see if that helps their performance.
  • Tech Mage / Blood Mage
  • Bludgeon: +4% damage per level; Energy cost reduced by 5
  • Tech Mage
  • Fire Scythe: +3% damage to all levels
  • Assimilation: Cooldown decreased to 3 and damage increased to 80%
  • Mercenary
  • Maul: Defense ignore increased by +2% for levels 1-8, and +3% for 9-10
  • Bounty Hunter / Cyber Hunter
  • Massacre: Removed Tech scaling


  • Omega Wolf Key (Endless M4tr1x)


  • Located at Endless M4tr1x
  • Wolf Scimitar P
  • Wolf Scimitar E
  • Wolf Tri Sword P
  • Wolf Tri Sword E
  • Wolf War Scythe P
  • Wolf War Scythe E
  • Wolf War Blades P
  • Wolf War Blades E
  • Wolf War Axe P
  • Wolf War Axe E
  • Wolf War Staff P
  • Wolf War Staff E
  • Frost Dragon Scythe P
  • Frost Dragon Scythe E
  • Candy Cane Cannon P
  • Candy Cane Cannon E
  • Cookie Claymore P
  • Cookie Claymore E
  • Candy Cane Capper P
  • Candy Cane Capper E


  • New Yeti for Winter 2018 tier for 30+ daily gifts opened


  • Located at Endless M4tr1x
  • Omega Wolf Rider CC
  • Located at Epic Legendary Arsenal
  • Bareknuckle Bike
    Tags: Nightwraith

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    SouL Prisoner -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (12/22/2018 3:30:24)

    Opened over 400+ gifts and so far only 6 Wolf shards ... WTH!? Is the drop rate 1% or something?

    NDB -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (12/22/2018 3:34:06)

    If it's the same as the Void Shards, which I think it is, then 2%.

    SouL Prisoner -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (12/22/2018 4:46:41)

    Just opened another 150+ gifts and 1!!. 1!!! [:@]

    One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (12/23/2018 11:38:11)

    Praise RNG Soul

    Xendran -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (12/25/2018 0:35:38)

    Bludgeon still adds 14 damage for 20 energy, making it worse scaling than Plasma Cannon and Bunker Buster.
    Buffing it in this way may get it to be a good "Level 1 or level 10" skill, but then it begs the question why levels 2 through 9 even exist.

    Lord Noonien Soong -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (1/3/2019 13:39:20)


    EpicDuel players would be VERY EXCITED to hear the things @Titan_EpicDuel and I were discussing this morning. Oh boy this is going to be a challenging and potentially very amazing year.

    Taken from Artix's twitter.

    One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: =ED= December 21, 2018 - Endless M4tr1x Appears! (1/3/2019 15:42:18)

    To add to that tweet over the course of gifting Korin was trying to pitch the idea of building EpicDuel on the AQ3D platform.

    Change the camera to the fixed view that we are used to and you get a game that's either 2D or 2.5D depending on artist vision. Animation and particle systems are already in place just put everything on the human rig. Mobile support is already baked into the engine. It's not a bad starting place so it would drastically lower the start up cost for the project.

    And whatever the news turns out to be it is all because of the gifters this season. The people over at OverSoul are hopefully because Rev is trying OS art again but that game lacks revenue so support won't exist. This season has shown we have the desire for more from EpicDuel and the means to fund the future of the IP.

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