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Iyzan -> items not in buyback shop (1/8/2019 4:33:04)

So I've just recently found that there's a buyback shop ,which is great. But I can't find my frost weapons in there, I had i think it's the frost slayer and destroyer and a few other items that I ended up selling because i was a noob. I just recently came back to ed , anyway this can be fixed? I'd really love to buyback the rare items I sold. Thank you . Don't know if this helps I can't remember but I think I got it in a varium package maybe not though. Not too positive but I think it was near the start of delta . I also had the beast rider. And I had the azreal package around that time when the azreal not was just released from a vacuum package I think . So there's a lot of gear from barium packages not showing up it seems. My in-game name is iyzen

8x -> RE: items not in buyback shop (1/8/2019 12:15:50)

I'm pretty sure NW made it so, that if you bought a 10k varium package during that time the Beast Rider and the other armor, both appear in the buy back shop. If those armors aren't in your buyback shop, you might not have purchased a 10k pack in that time-frame.

Iyzan -> RE: items not in buyback shop (1/8/2019 17:51:13)

I'm pretty positive I did although it's possible for it to have been on another account, I'm pretty sure it was this one I see the 10k varium "plus bonuses" in my payment history from 2012. And 2014

8x -> RE: items not in buyback shop (1/9/2019 10:36:58)

Looking at the history of Frost Destroyer and Frost Slayer weapon pages on the ED wiki, it looks like they went rare around 27th/28th of January 2012‎. Are there any transactions before that date?

Edit: By the way, Beast Rider is seasonal anyways, you can get it this time of year in the shops.

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