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xMalebox -> 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 13:16:12)

Good morning to everybody

I think of the ideas for this year's wars, which would be a good idea to implement, that the top 20 of the losing faction also get the best prize, because they used a lot of their time.

I would like to read your opinions, thank you very much.


Digital X -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 13:38:50)

I get where you are coming from, but the best prize is any competition, war in games, race etc is reserved rightly, for the winner. You wouldn't run a 8 track race of 100 meters and give 1st place to them all right?

Just to add, they still get some prizes from the influence, depending how much work they put in, so they are not going without alltogether.

xMalebox -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 13:56:06)

I understand your point of the competition, but here the balance (exile/legion) is not very well balanced, that's why I raised my idea.

Greetings! :)

Exile won 42 times
Legion won 8 times

racing.lo.mas -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 14:00:45)

Of course that happen in a balanced system. Is it a prize if there's only one side winning? I would call it, giving free stuff to exile players. From 49 wars they won 41.

By the way, he is only saying the top 20. That means a few players would get it, and not the whole alignment.

Mother1 -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 14:00:46)

I have to ask what is to stop people from just reaching 20K influence then quitting the war? If the item was given to both sides as long as they reached a set limit this would not only devalue the efforts of the winning side, but also like in the older wars have people just stop at the limit and do nothing else due to knowing they will have the item no matter what.

racing.lo.mas -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 14:11:18)

lol I posted 1 second before you shego.

He means top 20. You can stop whenever you want but if you do you might not end in top 20. If you dont end in top 20 and your alignment loses you are not getting something. In my opinion that would encourage some players in legion to keep going. Legion players already stop when they reach the max influence necessary to get the 10k credits and 10 tokens.
For the best reward you only have to do 5k influences, and that's what the regular legion/exile players do.
If we talk about the top 20 check out the last war. The player who ended 20th did 30k.

xMalebox -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/12/2019 14:14:04)

Exactly that is what I mean R A C I N G.

Mother1 -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/13/2019 18:13:09)

@ Racing.lo.mas

You actually Ninja's me but thank you for clearing that up. Cause if this system was in play at the time when exile lost the Overlord, and Bio dome I would have gotten those items respectively seeing as I was in the top 20 in both those wars.

racing.lo.mas -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/13/2019 21:34:51)

To be honest I wouldn't care about giving you or any exile any legion gear. I guess legion items are more exclusive since we have some less players, even though I'd preffer a balanced war prize.
Its quite stressful to put so much effort in a war you are destined to lose.
From our side we don't see it as a competition, we never have a chance. Even more when you have a lot of exile players who actually spent varium in bombs. If we are already in disadvantage, it gets even worst. Check out current war, we already have someone who has done 82k influence with varium only. I don't think is wrong having a varium way to earn more influence. But I also believe is wrong if this has a high impact on the war. I'd call it pay to win, but exile would win anyway.

xMalebox -> RE: 2019's Wars (1/13/2019 21:58:36)

It would seem great to me to implement my idea, since many of the players are motivated and for the top 20 :)

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