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Location: Greenguard Region -> The Nest -> Reinforcements
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Price
Release Date: February 8th, 2019

Objective: Call in the reinforcements!
Objective completed: Uh oh...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Earth Elemental
(4) Energy Elemental
(4) Water Elemental
(4) Wind Elemental
(1) Siofra - Boss


Crystal Notched Belt (I-V)

Access to TNR Loot for DCs.


*An amulet is placed at the top of a cabinet in a sheltered house. Messimy is attending to the ill Timmy on the bedside.*

Messimy: I don't...

Messimy: I...
Messimy: He should have been safe here... I take all these children here to protect them, and now danger comes looking for one of them!
<Character>: If he really never talked about his past experience, then there's no way that you COULD have known about this. Now way to prepare.
Messimy: I know...
Messimy: I know, but still, these children trust me, look to me for protection! I'm like a mother to them! I should protect the Nest no matter how!
<Character>: I may have a suggestion... but I'm not sure how good of an idea it is, seeing the organization you're affiliated with.
Messimy: Spit it out, I'd like to hear it.
<Character>: Well, as you may know, I have a dragon...
Messimy: <Dragon>! Yes, I've heard many things about them!
<Character>: I could try to call them in for extra protection.
Messimy: I appreciate the offer, but you really should stay here. What if that monster attacks again when you're getting <Dragon>?
<Character>: Oh, I don't need to leave, I can just ask them to come over from here!
Messimy: Telepathy?! That can only happen when the bond between the dragon and the human is incredibly strong!
Messimy: Or so I've heard...
<Character>: So... want to give it a try?
Messimy: Do it.
<Character>: Are you sure? Cole probably won't like this...
Messimy: Good thing Cole doesn't have a say in this matter then, I'll handle him, you call your dragon.
<Character>: On it.

*You start using telepathy to communicate with your dragon.*

<Character> (thinking): <Dragon>, are you there?
<Character> (thinking): Can you hear me?
<Character> (thinking): <Dragon>!!!
<Dragon>: <Dragon> is not here right now, leave a message after the snore.
<Character> (thinking): Hilarious.
<Character> (thinking): Quit with the jokes, I need your help over here.
<Dragon>: Fine, fine... no need to be such a sour unicougar. What's the hurry?
<Character> (thinking): An orphanage is under attack by... something, a monster. I've fended it off for now, but there's no telling when they might return.
<Dragon>: An orphanage?! That's where I keep my future minions! I'm on my way!
<Character> (thinking): Great, I'll be waiting h- Wait, WHAT?!
<Dragon>: ONWARDS!
<Character> (thinking): <Dragon>? Hellooooooooooooo?
<Character>: I have to talk to them about this... later.

Some time later

*You and Messimy meet up outside the house, while waiting for your dragon to arrive.*

Messimy: Well... It wasn't easy, but I got Cole to agree to the plan. I had to appeal to his own protective feelings towards the children.
<Character>: That's great, <Dragon> should be here any second now.
Child: Ooooh, what's that?
Child: Is it some kind of a tog?
<Dragon>: A TOG? I grace you with my presence and you dare to call me... a tog?!
Child: It's making such cute noises! I want to pet it!
Child: *Giggles* It's so cuuuuute! Who's a good Tog? Yes, it's you!
Child: Awwww!
<Dragon>: Stop it! Stop i-

<Dragon>: Oooh that actually feels kinda good...
<Dragon>: Oooh, yes.
<Dragon>: Mmmm... a little higher.
<Dragon>: Very well, I'll destroy you last... just keep scratching...
<Character>: Thaaaat would be <Dragon>...
Messimy: Looks like the kids like them!
<Character>: Yeeeeah, I should get <Dragon> before they go with the whole "minion" plan...
<Character> (thinking): <Dragon>, if the future ruler has a moment, I'd like you to meet someone at the back of the orphanage.
<Dragon>: Alright, on my way.
<Character>: <Dragon>, this is Messimy, she keeps this place running.
Messimy: It's a pleasure to finally meet the famous <Dragon>!
<Dragon>: Greetings! I assume you're the leader of this band of diminutive and rude servants?
Messimy: Oh, I wouldn't call them-

*A huge blast happen out of a sudden. Siofra is back once again to invade the orphanage.*

Siofra: I'm BACK! And this time, I brought company!
<Character>, Messimy (in unison): TIMMY!
Messimy: We have to protect him! <Character>, <Dragon>, can you take care of the company? I'll get Timmy out of here!

*You proceed to defeat several elemental monsters. After the battles, you enter the house and approach Siofra.*

<Character>: You're too late, blockhead! We took Timmy out of here!
Siofra: What?!
<Character>: And now I'm about to open a can of whoop on you!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Siofra.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Travel Map (Book 3).

    <Character>: How many times do I have to teach you this lesson!? As long as I'm here, you won't get your precious prize! You won't get Timmy!
    Siofra: Ah a a a a ah a a a a, you thought that stupid child was my prize? You're even more of a fool then I guessed at first.
    Siofra: My prize is right here!

    *The amulet placed at the top of the cabinet is still left untouched.*

    <Character>: The keepsake?!
    Siofra: Not JUST a keepsake, it's made out of the most refined dragonbane I have ever seen, I simply must have it for my collection!
    <Character>: Collection?! You attacked the orphanage for a stupid COLLECTION!?
    Siofra: Oh, I would hardly call it stupid... With this in my collection, I will be able to...

    Siofra: I...!
    Siofra: Soon you will see and feel it for yourself! To repay you for all the trouble you gave me!

    Siofra: Ah a a a, farewell!!

    *Siofra attempts to pick up the amulet repeatedly with its pointed arms.*

    Siofra: Ugh. Come on.
    Siofra: Hngh! Almost!
    Siofra: These arms are so inconvenient...
    Siofra: Aaaaaaghfghfaagh!
    Siofra: There we go, ha!

    *Siofra successfully retrieves the amulet, and left the house followed by a gust of wind.*

    <Character>: Well, that's...
    <Character>: Very very bad...

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens TNR Loot for DCs.

    Next Up: Be Prepared

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