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NDB -> Shadow Arts (2/26/2019 11:56:21)

I noticed this back when I played some 2v2 in December so it might already be fixed somehow, but I believe that the damage reduction is bugged not to work on certain multi attacks like Plasma Rain and Artillery Strike when they are being used versus two targets in 2v2. For example, if I put on Shadow Arts on myself while my partner is still alive and one of the opponents uses Plasma Rain, the Shadow Arts damage reduction is blatantly bypassed. I believe someone else on this forum noticed as well, awhile back:

TankMage -> RE: Shadow Arts (2/28/2019 6:38:58)

Will look into it, thanks for the report!

dfo99 -> RE: Shadow Arts (3/4/2019 20:14:27)

i had reported this also, several months ago and nothing was done..

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