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Jay -> Stranger (3/22/2019 23:51:35)



Location: A Trip to the Store

Quests given

Shops owned

Stranger: Hey, hey you, are you buying?

Stranger: SHH! Keep it down! You never know who might be listening.
Stranger: I got the stuff. It's the REALLY good stuff too. You don't want to know how much trouble it was smuggling this past the Rose checkpoints.

Stranger: You really don't want to know.

Stranger: I will say, you're a lot taller than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong. I don't judge.
Stranger: Cats come in all shapes and sizes.

Stranger: Sure, sure. Might want to order a lot more next time if your "friend" is as big as you are.

Stranger: Whoa, whoa. Don't need the life story, friend. Just here for the transaction.

Stranger: Of course. How would you like to pay today? Gold or Dragon Coins?
Stranger: I also accept Silver, Gems, Adventure Coins, and Points, although a nominal processing fee is applied for those.
Stranger: And do you have a membership card?

Stranger: Low on cash, huh? Tell you what, open up a membership card today and I'll give you a 25% discount. Won't find a better deal.

Stranger: Well, no money, no product. Sorry friend. It's how the business goes.

Stranger: Whoa, whoa, this is a pick up for Verlyrus? Why didn't you say so in the first place?

Stranger: Yeah, yeah, well that changes things. You know, it's good that he's employing the less advantaged cats like you to do some work.
Stranger: A job is important in these trying times, and I know it can't be easy for struggling cats like yourself.

Stranger: That's the spirit! Dress for the job you want! Keep looking to the future! Keep up that attitude and you'll be lounging with the fat cats in no time.

Stranger: Right, right, I get it-you're busy. Here you go.
Stranger: Verlyrus is paid up for a few months now, so don't worry about payment.

Stranger: Yeah! Channel that ambition! Be your own boss! You'll be top cat in no time.

Stranger: Do you hear that?

Stranger: Oh no, it's the fuzz! I gotta run. Take care, cat friend! Fight the power!


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