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Cyber Dream -> Increase Credit Reward (4/9/2019 19:27:12)

It's nearly impossible to gain enough credits to buy new items when you've reached endgame. My suggestion would be to increase the creds per battle by 500-1000. Waiting a year until gifting comes around is exhausting and not everyone can be on to receive gifts/creds. Think about it this way, it will take almost 1400 1v1 matches to buy a maxed out weapon. If you were around for gifting. No problem, you got it. But what about the people who weren't?

Foulman -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/12/2019 2:24:46)

I agree, mission rewards are only temporary and I'm still in basic armour 6 years later

asterw100000 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/13/2019 6:26:22)

The only way to make money in ED is to wait till gifting, and see if any rich dudes gift u. Then if you miss gifting wait another year to play. ED without credits is boring, gifting made me come back lol

sippingcider -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/14/2019 10:47:27)

When does gifting happen?

Mother1 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/14/2019 10:49:17)

In december of the year.

As for the increase to credit rewards sorry but not supported. If this happened then even more inflation of prices to items would happen just like when gifting first came out in 2014.

asterw100000 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/14/2019 17:11:32)

I agree, i think quests rewards and battle rewards should be cut by half

sippingcider -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/14/2019 17:48:46)


I agree, i think quests rewards and battle rewards should be cut by half

I think OP was wanting to increase rewards, not decrease, because we want more credits in end game.

I agree with OP in some way, maybe just release more quests when it is not December? Does Cinderella still work at ED?

War loot isnt bad either though ,a nice fat 10k every now and then when war ends and peace reigns on Delta V.

asterw100000 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/15/2019 17:47:15)

It was a joke, why to be inflation and all price increase, when economy is limited, you cannot share your credits, you use it only on yourself. I think is a big joke.
Having ways to afford buying stuff in end game is a must, not just grind for days.

Its not even a economy, since in affects only you. Is like a single player game.

Mother1 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/17/2019 14:36:07)

@ Asterw100000

if credits increases happened without inflation then varium sells would end up taking a hit. Because with credits being so easy to gain paying players who support the game will have less of a reason to spend sense Varium itself is supposed to be a short cut to getting stuff fast.

Cyber Dream -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/17/2019 17:08:21)

So forcing players to buy varium by making it nearly impossible to get creds in the end game is the right way to go? Everyone doesn't want to wait until gifting, we can at least meet in the middle and get a slight increase.

asterw100000 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/18/2019 4:08:37)

We need to buy varium. You right. Lets add limited play time for non premium users.

edit: There are already stuff that sells only for varium, but hey, we need to pay cash ..

Grandma -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/18/2019 12:27:00)

I agree that we need an increase, and we need cores to go back to inventory if we swap them out, not destroy them because I've found that to be the biggest use of all my creds since gifting besides class changes. Playing around with cores for different builds just costs too much and you'll end up at 0 creds if you don't have lots of gears with different combinations of cores. This is my experience.

asterw100000 -> RE: Increase Credit Reward (4/19/2019 13:40:08)

Just look at bunnyzooka, is 2000 varium, and they still try to make us pay with inflation of credits lol.
There are already varium only cores

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