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Galactic Assassin X -> New Player Questions (5/7/2019 5:48:19)

1. I'm playing in the Launcher. Full Screen...bugs out. Does the game just not have full screen or is this launcher-specific?

2. Is there a way to earn the cash currency? I have 6 already for some reason, but the currency isn't Artix Points so I'm not sure if Artix ads work for this or not.

3. What's the general order that I should play the game in?

Dr Disrespect -> RE: New Player Questions (5/10/2019 0:06:11)

1) OverSoul isn't meant to be played on fullscreen, even on browser. The game lags atrociously when you do so. I always used to play it on 50% size on Google Chrome.

2) The secondary currency in OS are Soul Gems. Apart from the 6 SGs you get from verifying your account, there is no way to earn them in game.

3) There isn't a general order as such as OverSoul is an incomplete game that is still in Beta. You just choose your starting char and pretty much do whatever you want. You can capture new chars, level them up and farm for gold to buy custom card packs. OS doesn't have any playable story line at the moment.

Here is an excellent guide made by OverSoul player Jadow that you may refer to.

Galactic Assassin X -> RE: New Player Questions (5/10/2019 11:33:56)


That guide has uh... some interesting words in it, but it's very useful.

$lmc$ -> RE: New Player Questions (4/9/2020 10:20:03)

will their be more update

migs_la -> RE: New Player Questions (4/30/2020 16:00:56)

are there any news of update?

Zekrom158 -> RE: New Player Questions (12/9/2020 21:51:49)

There most probably won't be an update ever again sadly

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