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afterlifex -> =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/13/2019 7:57:12)

Umazen Uprising Part 2
The Last Umazen Stronghold

On a mission for Yulgar, you and Robina have set on a journey to find the last city of the mysterious and aggressive Umazen warriors. Beyond tales of both heroism and oppression, little is actually known about these fierce women and their mercenary hunt for slavers. But now you stand to be the first outsiders to visit the secluded stronghold, and hopefully prevent a crisis that could consume Greenguard!

April Golden Giftboxes
Gecko Gear

Long before The Devourer, adventurers feared the chomp of the gecko. Now you can wield the voracious appetite of this reptile in battle!


Primate Murder -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/13/2019 9:10:53)

Do we have any news on what will be leaving the GGBs?

Broccoli -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/13/2019 11:53:26)

Spell and weapon according to the homepage

Gecko Saber and Gecko Chomp Spell

Zennistrad -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/13/2019 13:06:31)

It's neat to see Pae be officially acknowledged again. I don't think she's made a real appearance in-game for over a decade.

Cray -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/13/2019 13:54:10)

I've been without internet since the release of part 1, so I was unable to interact with everyone during that time. Now that I'm back, the plotting can resume. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the story, I've been looking forward to this one going live for you all.

Kurtz96 -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/13/2019 23:57:26)



Who is Pae?

Red Blood -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/14/2019 4:18:25)

In game she is the tree geko in the sky island that was once a human that pretty much was nearly killed, and then saved by a Drakel experiment. I believe as for the staff member myself can't really recall them much at all but might be a question to ask someone higher up the chain.

The Wizard -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/14/2019 12:36:15)

We had a rare item hunt for the gecko face a few years back that was hidden in the Pae quest

Mordred -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/14/2019 21:22:10)

IIRC, and that's a stretch, because it was before my time, I think Pae was a tester for AQ.

Kaizoku -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/15/2019 1:58:12)

I'm hoping for an Umazen armor [:D]

And for all of you curious about Pae: https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=1309620

The Hollow -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/16/2019 15:01:23)

Sorry folks, this is going to be a Friday release. There is an issue with the site preventing us from rolling changes.

battlesiege15 -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/16/2019 15:42:35)

Thanks for the heads up Hollow! Will the GGB items also be tomorrow?

Rafiq von den Vielen -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/16/2019 16:24:16)


The GGB gear consists of an Earth sword with Melee/Magic swap and an Earth Spell who both inflict DefLoss - got this from Kam on Discord

EternalDragonX -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/16/2019 17:29:16)

ggbs are out. weap is UR while spell is rare

The Hollow -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/17/2019 11:15:44)

The ggbs are out but it's looking like Saturday for the Umazen release. With Imr still out of commission, Kam is tackling the release by himself.

Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/17/2019 19:37:06)

Hollow, I wonder if you have received my PM about ... and some issues with ...

Xander_Raze -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/18/2019 15:28:21)

Has anyone tried the new GGB spell "Gecko Chomp"?

Does it require SP or MP?

Muchiha -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/18/2019 17:38:54)

^@Xander_Raze: Costs MP my man.

Slayne -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/18/2019 22:32:55)

Quest is live

Primate Murder -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/19/2019 3:46:39)

A very interesting and insightful quest, with a notable (and welcome) departure from x is a bad guy doing bad things, we need to stop him.

Also, quite a nice change from the usual fight 8 monsters, get cutscene, fight boss monster.

It's rather bemusing to actually have permission, encouragement even, to investigate for once. Usually the Chosen One has to sneak around and fight off guards. Hell, Ilias seems such a ridiculously nice guy that I actually feel a little guilty over being sarcastic and questioning his beliefs. Well that, and suspicious - because, come on, they're going out of their way to be accomodating and open. Are they really that desperate or is there a plan of some kind in the works?

Bonus kudos for the fact that it's not a men vs women, or rioters vs law enforcement as it originally seemed - emancipators were the first to acknowledge the possibility that Kandra may be a tyrant, while the foreman rebuked his miners for even talking about a rebellion.

Btw, does loosing a save have any consequences except for redoing it?

Lord Markov -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/20/2019 3:16:54)

Agreed, it was a very enjoyable quest. I'm definitely looking forward to see what comes next. Kudos to Kam for doing it solo and hoping IMR's situation settles out soon, however I did notice the rewards this week still seem to be having the same issue with special characters as those from last week. Hopefully this can get fixed.

VendettaX -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/20/2019 9:17:26)

Are any GGB items leaving soon?

Galactic Assassin X -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/21/2019 18:40:03)

I went through this with a male face, and I started with a male face. For those who started with + have female faces, does that change the dialogue where the Umazen says "I've never seen another man fight like that" ?

Btw typo: "empty-headed" should be "empty-handed" unless that was intentional.

Cray -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/21/2019 20:53:12)

As much as it technically fits, that's still a typo that's on me; I accidentally reverted a correction when returning the script to an old version.

As of the dialogue, this quest line features variable lines for gender and various stats. The guards and Emancipators have different lines for men and women while you may notice the Barracks feature different lines after Ileana's introduction depending on which stats are high for your character.

Galactic Assassin X -> RE: =AQ= Umazen Uprising Part 2 + GGB (5/21/2019 21:20:15)

Ah, okay. That's pretty cool.

And yeah, I thought empty-headed might be a pun, and if so it was a good one, but I just wanted to make sure; I guess it wasn't.

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