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Mother1 -> war suggestions (5/24/2019 19:29:03)

I said this before and I will say it again add influence back to battles during war time. It can work like this.

For offense you battle in front of whatever objective you want to use and every time you win a 1 vs 1 2 vs 2 or Juggernaut battle the amount of influence you would get for that battle will also count as damage to Defense's objective.

For Defense it is the same thing as offense however instead of damaging the main objective with your influence you damage their weapons instead.

This would not only help ease the pain for those who have issues getting battle drops (because not everyone has a butt load of war commanders and even with this it removes the change of a super drop outside of war rallies) but it will also make the faction aspect much more competitive for everyone who likes to battle.

CactusHumper -> RE: war suggestions (6/15/2019 11:35:41)

I agree, the current war system that involves obtaining battle drops has begun to get dull. Adding a small amount of influence per win would be nice and also provide a more consistent way of gaining influence without the necessity of a war commander or praying to the RNG gods for those lovely super bombs :)

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