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Thesixnine -> Balance idea (6/11/2019 20:41:26)

parasite: passive but same endgame and lower drain

Milfaction tm: improve support so tm still use support

Deadly aim: require dex. is useless as skill without Azrael or frozen fury guns

Passive armors: flat values.

frozen fury gun: no mana cost and have 45% damage boost when core special used. should be strong then Azrael promo cause no gun end of match

spirit meld: drawback like blood hawk bot special. full energy so no armor for 3 turns

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Balance idea (6/11/2019 23:12:58)

I like TM malfunction how it is right now, it works for me in 2v2s.

Spirit meld does not need a buff? It's already like -5 turns so it's fine.

Armor flat values, yes.

FF gun - needs to cost mana, no thanks

Deadly aim needs a buff for sure

I think TM still does need some buffs in 1v1 though... don't get me wrong, but support wasn't cutting it either.

Thesixnine -> RE: Balance idea (6/12/2019 17:25:16)

deadly aim need like +100 extra gun damage i think like other armor boost passives

is not buff to spirit meld. no armor for 5 turns is also good

FF cost is no gun. why it needs 2 costs?

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