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JanusHoW -> Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/12/2019 16:04:56)

I'm not 100% for resurrecting an old thread, but let's see what you guys think of me now. I know I need to update some of my equipment to match my level.

Character Page

Also, I'm torn whether to switch my DEX to LUK based on the upcoming stat rebalancing. If not, I'm going to just dump all of my remaining stats into LUK...or should I put points in CHA to help statuses connect?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/12/2019 16:36:28)

For stats a normal Hybrid would invest in Dex over Luk due to it giving 3x more BtH and 5x more blocking defenses.
If you really like Luk, then Werepyre subrace's hybrid stat toggle will permit Str/Int/Luk build to be optimal despite lacking Dex as its splits BtH and stat damage between Str and Int.
The downside is having to always use Werepyre armors over any other normal armors to avoid losing 15 BtH from the 200 Dex and Love Potion consume an active inventory slot since Werepyre doesn't have an immobility skill unlike Werewolf and Vampire.

Upgrade Taladosian to Lv 135

Father Time for Rewind ability, returns to LTS on Father's day
Sell Cryo

Torrentacles from A Cavernous Chronicle
Sell Gumn

Father's Day Sock for Wind/Earth resist, returns to LTS on Father's day
Despair Visage for +20 Fear potence to use with Werewolf's Snarl
Sell Jewel

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/19/2019 14:38:09)

I already did buy the Despair Visage, and now I just need to upgrade all of my equipment to match my level.

On that note - is there any Darkness weapon better than the Guardian Despair Eater for F2P? The upgrades for its line all use Z-Tokens, and I'm still trying to avoid spending IRL money.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/19/2019 15:01:32)

Nocturnal Knight Edge from Yulgar

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/19/2019 15:04:05)

What about the Dreadknight's Cleaver?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/19/2019 15:37:24)

Dreadknight is a weaker option since Lynk has low luck and the End nerf uses Str and Luk for the save, Nocturnal has a BtH MC to help with accuracy issues that your build has with low Dex.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/30/2019 9:17:13)

For a Fire Misc, how about the Ancient Dragon Knight's Crest? It helps more with Fire resistance, since it cuts damage by a set percentage (50%) rather than just increasing Fire resistance. I know the Amulet of Drakonnan increases my INT by 45, but it won't help nearly as much on the defensive side if I'm not wearing my Fire armor.

badboyhe -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/30/2019 14:59:11)

what do you guys think of full werepyr armors?
between the 3-4 kinds, i think you can cover all elements.
they're all 150 mc, pretty damn strong with good abilities.

2. how do you deal with lack of dex? I miss all the time with not maxed out dex already
not sure if i can handle it when I have 0 dex

AliceShiki -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/30/2019 16:07:13)

Dragon Knight Misc is kinda bad IMO... I mean, it basically doesn't do anything aside from the Fire Res. (the spell is horrible)

If you want a *0.5 fire misc, I'd recommend OPTIC instead. Lower SP Cost and extra BTH is a lot better than the extra Melee/Magic defenses Dragon Knight provides.

@badboyhe Please avoid hijacking other people's threads, you can make your own threads to ask questions if you need them answered.

badboyhe -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/30/2019 16:27:18)

huh? what?
how am I hijacking lol, I was making a suggestion

werepry armors are GREAT hybrid armors and they uses str and int stats for both damage and BTH
so he can put those 150 dex stats into luck or END

that's probably one of the best way to go if u want to go hybrid, coupled with murderator guantlet + the deadly predator toggle from the armors, you get +85 in both INT and STR
or 170 total bonus stats.

I just don't know if other ways are worth it because you have to put all those points into dex

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/30/2019 17:18:31)

Crest is a decent misc due to its skill being Elemental Wheel compatible with Father Time's Rewind, it has a -20 Difficulty Power 2 for 10 turns equivalent to 200% melee Burn status skill that can be cast against a standard Ice monster that is weak to Fire.
An end game alternative to Optic's 55% is Grakma Harbinger from Mecha Knight, which provides 50% to Fire, compresses a Fire guest and a Beserk BtH lean toggle.

AliceShiki -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (6/30/2019 23:35:58)

@Legendary Ash Well, the main reason I think it's kinda bad is because Crest's burn can't really stack with anything, making it quite underwhelming overall... If the set was ever updated to use the new stacking rules, I believe this would become a really nice misc~

Until then though, it's better to avoid it IMHO~

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/3/2019 13:05:02)

Okay, so Patriot Blade XIX...how would it compare to Blunderlass? Is the Blind-inflicting special worth the loss of damage?

Also, I was just lucky enough to get a 5000 Z-Token from someone...should I get a Rare GGB item now or hold off for 1 UR? And if I do get the Rare, what do you recommend?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/3/2019 14:25:27)

Patriot Blade is 20% proc, which does not synergize with Offensive lean armors, its -15 BtH 2 turn Blind is potent since its at -20 difficulty save.
Blunderlass as a no proc weapon with a damage MC is the strongest gold priced Fire weapon, only Bloodzerker's sword from GGB is stronger when paired with a future elemental variant of Bloodzerker.
Unless a GGB item will go rare, Token items are best purchased during Black Friday in November for -50% Token discount, GGBs receive the discount for the bulk purchase option.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/4/2019 10:44:43)

@Legendary Ash - So...is inflicting Blind worth the loss of damage, in your opinion?

Also, is there a good Ice Misc that isn't as SP-hungry as the Horo-Show Void Visor? It only works best when paired with the Horo-Show Void Vigilante and the Horo-Show Void Vanquisher, and it's just to reduce Harm and Void damage.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/4/2019 23:13:51)

Currently Patriot Blade is imbalanced since its -15 Blind at -20 Difficulty is worth 35% melee instead of 25% melee as should an MC be for a 20% proc weapon.
There are multiple instances of the Devs, namely Kamui making mistakes for balancing -BtH effects on items, which have erroneously assumed 4.25 Defence is equal to 4.25 BtH when it should be 4.25/1.4 instead for Defence.
Patriot Blade's MC is supposed to be 4.25*.5/(.2*1.4*.5) = -15.17857 Blind for 2 turns at normal +0 Difficulty
Currently its worth 15*2*.7*1.4 = -21 Blind at 0 Difficulty for 2 turns, or -15 Blind at -20 Difficulty

Due to your build's lower than 200 Dex resulting in -6.25 Defence less than expected, -BtH effects perform worse because there is less combat defence to stack with. Therefore its not advised to use Blind over Paralysis, as it starts off weaker unless you have several equipment building combat defences.

Void Visor is the non MC version of Horo Visor which costs 34 less Sp for the Lv 133 version, formerly Horo had less upkeep due to a turn cost and was significantly better in resource efficiency, but minor complaints from the AQ forumers resulted in the removal of turn cost when the item was updated to multiplicative resistance instead of additive.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/12/2019 9:21:34)

Thanks Ash. Interestingly, you STILL get the Harm/Void resistance for the activated sword/armor/misc combo even if one of the parts is not Horo. The MC version gives a boost to END when activated.

On another note - which would be better for me: Ultimon's Armor or Shadow of Doubt? Both protect against Light and Darkness, but I'm torn between the better defense of the Shadow and the better offense of Ultimon's Armor.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/12/2019 16:23:10)

Shadow of Doubt has the better skill, Paralysis that increases in power/cost per turn in battle up to 98% at +20 Difficulty, but Ultimon is the endgame armor for Light/Dark because Doubt's highest tier is 147G for Guardians and 122 for Adventurers, Ultimon's seeking between Light and Dark skill has Elecomp damage equal to Offensive lean, which is as low as it gets for an Offensive lean skill.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/22/2019 10:31:08)

Ash: Okay. So in the end, Ultimon's wins out?

Also, should I consider switching Cerberus Ward and Blazing Solaris for the Fireworks Buckler and Lunar Eclipse, since both are available right now?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (7/22/2019 15:13:08)

Yes Ultimon should be your endgame Shadow armor unless you have +20 Paralysis potence such as Umazen Aspis, a -26 Energy shield from Umazen Part 1, but requires Celerity or an existing immobility status on the enemy so that Shadow of Doubt won't be hit with Light/Dark while using an Energy shield to inflict more immobility.

Fireworks Buckler is a recommended endgame compression shield due to being -26 Fire/Light and Solaris being maxed at Lv 130 at -25, I would store a Lv 135 Buckler until Lv 150 to upgrade it via Item Upgrader. Lunar Eclipse's value lies in its Blind skill, if you don't plan to use it, don't purchase it as Twilight's Regalia is a strong competitor due to it doubling as a shield against Shadow monsters.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (8/2/2019 10:01:14)

The Twilight shield does help somewhat against Shadow monsters, but the level 135 version combined with Ultimon's gives me 31 Light/18 Dark, while the level 130 Paladin Shield gets me 23 Light/23 Dark.

Also, when Black Friday rolls around, should I use my Z-Tokens to purchase GGBs only or upgrade stuff like my Despair Visage and Luminous Wyrm Helm? With 11,000 tokens, I can get 100 Commons, which can be exchanged for 4 Rares (it's a 25-to-1 ratio, right?).

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (8/2/2019 16:14:23)

There shouldn't be much of a dilemma regarding GGB or Token priced items on Black Friday, as long as the items you buy are ideal for your character build and playstyle they should be purchased, but I would say Terror Visage and GGB should be a priority over Luminous Wyrm as its on old standard of subtractive resistance that isn't as good a multiplicative resistance with armors that don't have secondaries to Light, but is good with Shadow armors like Ultimon.

I would buy enough GGBs for all the future elemental Bloodzerker armors and weapons on Black Friday discount.

Twilight Regalia purpose is to serve as a lopsided resistance shadow shield, that is when a true shadow shield isn't in active inventory due to having an endgame -26 Energy resist and +20 Paralysis potence Umazen Aspis shield that is currently available from Today's Event Umazen Part 1 taking Paladin Guard's slot.

25 Commons for 1 Rare and 10 Rares for 1 Ultra GGB.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (8/3/2019 12:54:59)

Okay, so if I'm going to be using Umazen Aspis for pure Energy defense, should my UltraGuardian equipment be elementally neutral, then?

Edit: I forgot that changing the element on your no-drop armor also changes it for your no-drop weapon. There's 26 million down the toilet...good thing Mighty Shadow Goggs are so easy for me now...

Legendary Ash -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (8/3/2019 16:00:10)

Awe equipment specifically weapon can remain Energy element since you have compression items, Earth armor is covered by Werewolf and Fire/Light is covered by Fireworks Buckler.

JanusHoW -> RE: Rate me (again) - LV 135+ Hybrid (8/4/2019 13:00:47)

That's what I thought. How do I just change the element of my Awe weapon again?

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