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Thesixnine -> Going 2nd advantages (6/18/2019 22:55:38)

all other games I played have a system where if you go 2nd you get an advantage or what would equal for not going 1st. am hoping for this game to have something similar. it can vary on either build, class or the player going 2nd could choose what they want. and if this is installed then maybe underdog can be removed. if the player doesn't get to choose then the player going 2nd could get a 3-5% attribute boost that their class or build lacks. health, mana, strength, dexterity, technology, and support. they only get 1 of these things, not all, if am not making amself clear. giving players the choice to choose I think is preferable so they don't complain about getting the wrong buff every time they lose

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/20/2019 20:36:25)

Its true. Sometimes, you lose when you go second and there is no way to compensante that. But if your oponent invests a lot support (50 of difference ), and you get buff in stats, He will fell cheated. But if the difference of support is little, yea it could be. I'm not saying it's wrong, but how can we deal with that?

Thesixnine -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/20/2019 21:05:03)

the difference in boost not big like u think. if u have 380 resis and u go 2nd and u get 3% boost and have it on res is then ur res is gets boosted to like 391 resis. so not much. its almost like eternal protection but only on 1 attribute and -4 boost. won't make a big difference like u think u is cheated. and if players lose with the buff, can't say the system bad. boost not here to guarantee win. is on person. if u know the game u can use it well and if u don't u can get better at it.

8x -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 13:34:32)

How about, the player going second gets a 10% damage buff on 1st turn? It's a little something, it might help a bit, but not too much, and it's there for just one attack.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 13:40:12)

I like that idea actually ^

But how about if you have to heal or something?

8x -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 14:27:04)

If you heal or buff, your advantage is wasted

Thesixnine -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 14:43:25)

think its fine but i think it's better if u choose when to use it or else it only helps aggressive builds like strength or support

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 14:50:12)

^ I'll take my focus robot doing 70 more damage on the first turn.

NDB -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 14:54:14)

Could increase the effect of the buff or heal by 10%.

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 19:40:56)

It sounds good 10% dmg on the 1 turn. Can be 2 turn as well to avoid debuff? So avoid the 1 turn wasted.

Thesixnine -> RE: Going 2nd advantages (6/21/2019 22:47:58)

^its good. can heal have 10% buff too for those 2 rounds?

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