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Eurial54321 -> New classes, New levels, Updating Underdog. (6/19/2019 3:04:42)

Possible addition to ranks that may sprout issues:

First I'll start by saying. I'm in support of ranks and see it as a great add to the game because it's new and sprouts a competitive field within the game. We all know that all the legendary skills points adds up to rank 100, so after rank 100 there's no point in ranks other than obtaining achievements for rank 125 and others. Due to legendary skills effects in battles maximized at rank 100 and it being this way for years I feel like there should be something new like new legendary points for levels 100 to 200. But this may be impossible because all the legendary skills are already attributed to something within battles. Only thing I can think off to be added is a legendary skill that improves energy healing skill trees, that is given to every class, one that improves luck chance, one that improves crit chace, one that improves block chance, and one that improves deflect chance. Although these may be cool to add, they will make Max ranks very strong, prompting a need to buff underdog core for lower ranks which I will [&o]speak about later.

Continuation of top paragraph speaking on Induction of New Levels:

Now that we know that adding new legendary skills may be an issue let's get to the point. Since theirs nothing significant enough to add towards ranks as a necessity to want to grind and rank up I suggest that we implement something new in the sense that it havnt been touched for a long time. This something new is NEW LEVELS 41 to 45. These new levels should be added in a sequence. I know some would say adding new levels is pointless and will only improve the gap between players making longer battle waits. But actually it won't if the levels are added in a sequential order, and also it's not pointless because there are over 120 levels of skill trees and we currently only have 40 levels that can be maximized. I feel like we should stop at level 60 at least it won't be to high making every single one of are skill tree max, and not to low to making skills diversity and fluctuation un feasible,# to low of a level makes it hard to have a complete build. Speaking of the induction of new levels, level 40 to 41 should be added with a level cap and there should be a 2 month period for the cap until level 42 is open so people can have chance to level up. Level 41 to 42 should be added with a level cap and there should be a 4 month period, 42 to 43 should be added with level cap for a 2 month period, level 43 to 44 should be added with a 4 month period, and the final level with a 2 month period. After these induction of 5 new levels there should be a 6 to 8 month wait for 46 to 50 with the same sequential order as 41 to 45. Then 1 to 2years later we can add the final 10 levels that cap of at level 60. These levels will make the game more fun and increase it complexity in build making by a bit. Also it will keep the game active and fresh as in there's something new to hope for. Also the feel of leveling up after working hard for it and getting 4 points and 1 skill points will be awesome.

Battles improvements (Boost):

In regards to fixing the issue surrounding low ranks being squashed by high ranks I think a better system configuration for Underdog that should be applied and stops at rank 100. This systems should calculate the difference between the ranks and give points based on it. For example a rank 25 against a rank 65: the lower rank should get a boost that is calculated from rank 30 to 60 # 30 ranks, giving 3- Strength, Dex, Tech, and Support. Another example using in correlative number, rank 12 against rank 69: the lower rank should get a boost that is calculated from rank 17 to rank 64 # 47 ranks, giving 5- Strength, Dex, Tech, and Support instead of 4 since 47 is over 45 and more closer to 50. Last example, rank 25 against rank 70, the lower rank should get a boost calculated from rank 30 to 65 # 35 ranks, giving 3 strength, 4 Dex, 4 tech, and 3 support since 35 is in the middle of 40 and 30. The boost should or should not be adjusted systematically for plus 4 to higher stats and plus 3 to lower stats thereby complimenting you build choice.

Finally Class Suggestions:

In the beginning of epicduel there was only Merc, bounty hunter, and techmage. Later in the years somehow epicduel staff members managed to create new classes similar to the old ones in sense of looks and battles interactions. Since these 3 new additions, there never been a new addition of classes, because there is a lack of ideas since the new classes would be a repetition of old ones, which I don't see a problem with but OK. My emphasis is to focus on adding new classes that have different looks and skills from the old ones. They don't have to be completely different to the point where they don't fit in the epidural cheme. But they should be different to the point where the skills aren't exactly the same as how cyberhunters has poison which was carried forward from bounty hunters and so on. OK its understandable because cyberhunters, tactical mercy and blood mage is suppose to be similar, it says it in their name. I'm not asking for similar classes with old concepts that makes the new classes repetitive to the old ones rendering it un needed, instead I'm asking for new ones that is the continuation of the old one in sense of concept but has completely new skills with different Biome and genes/look, which may take time to create but is possible.

My class suggestions, feel free to add on or replace:

Names of 3 new classes- 1. Earth Wizard 2. Strife Ninja 3. Rocky Baynot

Classes description-1. Earth Wizard- similar to tech mages in sense of casting but appears taller. 2. Strife Ninja similar to bounty hunters in sense of being stealthy with low def/res but appears taller and has different look. 3 Rocky baynot-similar to mercenaries in sense of being defensive but appears to be metallic and is slim and slightly taller.

First three skill tree- (1). Earth wizard: 1 Mind Medic- a new type of heal that is used based on rage improves with none, warm-up is 0 cool down is 3. 2 volt a skill that does an electrical purple strike dealing damage improve by none, starting skill health damage is 20 Max is 200 for a 50% chance to take 50 Health and Energy, with minus 5 strength and support for up to 2 rounds, warm-ups 2, cool down 4 starting cost is 125 energy plus 25 to max. 3. Conestruck deals a physical damage that improves with strength and has a 25 percent chance to disable strike, gun, aux, and robot for 1 turn. Warm-ups is 3, cool down is 1, energycost starts as 150 plus 20 to max, ending at 350 energy max. Damage is increased by skill level plus 40 to max. (2). Rocky baynot: 1. Mind medic- same for all new classes. 2. Pulse- skill that takes a percentage of your rage and gives you support and strenght, cost 70 energy improves plus 30 every level. 3. Merdsp- gives you passive resistance and defense that sacrifices your strength and support by 1, minus 1 every level to minus 10 Max.
(3) Strife Ninja: 1. Mind medic- same for all new classes 2. Greon- Gives you golden shield that gives you Dex and a small percentage of support for 3 turns, warm-ups 0, cooldown 3, cost starting 100 energy plus 15 every level. 3. Stealth Smasher takes energy a single amount of energy and gives you energy while taking a percentage of support for 2 turns, no damage, warm-ups 2 cool down 4.

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