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Gingkage -> =AE= Artix Game Launcher (6/22/2019 11:47:55)

All the games you love, in one place!

Get the Launcher here!

If you have any questions about what the Game Launcher is, or have any possible suggestions to improve it, or any thoughts in general, here's the place to put them.

AliceShiki -> RE: =AE= Artix Game Launcher (6/23/2019 19:34:51)

Only suggestion I'd give to improve it is to allow you to open multiple instances of a given game.

It's really hard to open 2 tabs of AQ while using the launcher rn. I currently need to open two instances of the launcher and quickly click on the "Play" button in both before the first one opens... Otherwise I can't do it.

Sure, most of the other games don't support playing in 2 characters in the same account at the same time, but one could always own 2 accounts, so having an easy way to open more than one instance of a given game would be nice regardless.

lordmastersupreme -> RE: =AE= Artix Game Launcher (4/10/2020 11:26:44)

My suggestion is to have character pages available in the launcher, because, well, the browser versions are going to stop working in december due to flash being no longer supported by them.

gr_nnestad -> RE: =AE= Artix Game Launcher (5/8/2020 12:24:37)

Not sure if this is the right place to post but.

I would love if it could get integrated into GoG Galaxy, There's even a thread about it on the launcher integration github.

Olx -> RE: =AE= Artix Game Launcher (6/13/2020 17:37:35)

Hello !!

My suggestion is that each game of Artix Game Laucher be organized by its year of creation.

An example:

1) AdventureQuest
2) EpicDuel
3) AQworlds

And so, following the order of each year of each game (2002,2008,2010) ..., it would be more organized.

~~ Olx BattleOn !!

shadow.bane -> RE: =AE= Artix Game Launcher (6/29/2020 23:57:03)

Copied and Pasted from the EpicDuel bugs section : i didn't know where to report a bug for Artix launcher so i posted it here u can reroute it to where it belongs, anyway the bug is when i exit game launcher it stays active consuming a lot of CPU power (nearing 15%) while closed in the tray. i even exited the app but still shows consuming the same amount of CPU performance and didn't finish till i ended the task from task manager.

blex12345 -> RE: =AE= Artix Game Launcher (7/3/2020 2:46:09)

^above I think you have to exit by using the pop-up menu from its tray icon.
Please enhance character page to show all the classes level there is no where to get that anymore since aqstats is dead.

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