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leo07123 -> Power Hour Buff (6/25/2019 13:41:29)

We all know how Power Hours have eventually transformed the entire game. Players usual play extra using Power Hours and Power Up Days i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But I was looking at Power Up Hours which is usually for 1+1 hours. However, if you have noticed carefully this single hour is not useful for those who play Juggernaut and Team Battles for several reasons including: -
a) Long duration to connect a battle
b) Long duration to finish battle
c) Team battle especially where players lose who of faulty or buggy ally.

So, what I feel is instead of one hour each make it 2 hours each. Therefore, a total of 4 hours of Power Up in Double Credits and Experience for a whole day. This will help and motivate player to play for atleast 4 hours due to power up. Henceforth, instead of 7:30 - 8:30 AM and PM (IST GMT +5:30) make it 7:30 - 9:30 AM and PM (IST GMT +5:30), i.e. a total of 4 hours Power Up which 2 hours each between 12 hours interval.

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