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stuart -> RE: Idle Quest? (1/18/2020 4:43:25)

@ Gipsy Danger,

If i was you I would just leave yourself autofarming for the rabbit drops until you get them. Then when you acend at least they can then be perm'd to give you the boosts. for other information after getting drops, ascending and perming them the drops did seem to come more frequent than the first time...At least thats what it felt like.

Tannen -> RE: Idle Quest? (3/1/2020 2:41:53)

Perming the items is supposed to increase the drop rate by 10%, and perming an enemy increases the damage it takes by 10%, as well as an overall 1% increase in either gold dropped or damage done for each item permed or creature permed, respectively.

All that said, this isn't really an idle game, or it doesn't feel like one. The game doesn't run if you don't have it open, for example. Also, the balance is really off as far as difficulty goes. Also, the game data is stored locally, so if you go to a different computer, you have to start over.

I wish they'd tie it to our account, let the game earn money while closed, re-balance some of the mechanics, and just behave like other idle games. It could be pretty good, but it needs polish.

uzmanonur -> RE: Idle Quest? (5/1/2020 17:49:15)

How can i reset this game.

Tannen -> RE: Idle Quest? (5/19/2020 18:09:59)

Do you mean reset as in start from scratch, or reset as in start back at the beginning with some crystals? Not sure on the former, but the data isn't saved to any server, so finding and removing the local data should do it. For the latter, just get 100,000 gold and the ascend button should show up, click it and you will ascend.

Are there going to be any updates on IdleQuest, or was it just released and then abandoned?

Edit: Okay, definitely leaning toward abandoned, there still isn't anything beyond stage 46.

Doomturtle25 -> RE: Idle Quest? (9/11/2020 5:22:50)

Does anyone still play idle quest? Picked it up somewhat recently ago. Anyone have any advice on how to get past Hero University? Ive made it all the way to the Corrupt Castle Outhouse so far, ive ascended a number of times, but i just cant get past this area. Also the loot drop rate is kind of ridiculous. Am i literally going to have to farm enough gold to be able to make my mobs kill billion health mobs? Any advice is appreciated

Hagath The Great -> RE: Idle Quest? (9/15/2020 5:57:32)


Just farm for every drop you can get. You likely won't need to spend gold on upgrading anymore since the drops add up in terms of damage pretty quickly, and it'll be better spent on unlocking areas. It takes a while because you have to click the enemies to death, but a few rare drops will quickly add up to you being able to idle everything.

silverhook1003 -> RE: Idle Quest? (10/8/2020 20:01:13)

My idle quest game just reset itself. I don`t mean ascend. It just started again for no reason, from the beginning, like I never even started playing yet.

battlesiege15 -> RE: Idle Quest? (11/27/2020 0:29:10)

A couple of questions:

1) What are the drops in Level 2: The Forest? The level icon shows 3 items (Woodcutter Axe, ?, and ?) but I have yet to see any bosses besides Stumpy that drops items.

2) For the mobs, when you unlock them it says like "0.1%" of an item for like Artix, Robina, etc. Do the characters themselves drop items or are they actually bosses later on in the game?


stuart -> RE: Idle Quest? (11/29/2020 2:32:25)


In lvl 2 the other drops are from Purple Rabbit which does not appear that often. Best thing here I have found is to move past this a few levels and then go back to this level and leave it autoplaying.

As to your second question yes that is the droprate for the mob to drop its item and they are dropped by the characters themselves. Bosses have their own drops.

The drops from all mobs occur more regular as you ascend.

There is a pretty good excel sheet I have found listing nearly all areas/items etc but I dont think I am allowed to post the link here so maybe just look it up yourself.

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