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CactusHumper -> Inventory Increase next update (7/24/2019 10:59:00)

For the next update, I was wondering if it was possible for NW to allow inventory slots increases through credits, perhaps 25k per 10 inventory slot increase? I've already gone over 30 slots from war prizes

NDB -> RE: Inventory Increase next update (7/24/2019 13:02:25)

A lot of people have that issue with the war prizes. It would be great if they could make all items marked Rare or Ultra-Rare not count for space and then make them all unsellable. (I know Legacy Items are already unsellable so it seems kind of unfair for them to take space.) I sort of doubt that they would be willing to to make the slots sell for credits though.

racing.lo.mas -> RE: Inventory Increase next update (7/24/2019 22:56:24)

I guess they won't want to make inventory slots increase with credits because of achievements. They might want it to stay on varium only which is reasonable. However, it's also true that the inventory doen't give many slots for free players. Perhaps the base inventory could be increased a bit.

CactusHumper -> RE: Inventory Increase next update (7/25/2019 1:08:21)

Yea I wasn't thinking anything super excessive like +100 slots, I should have clarified, maybe 20-30 more inventory slots or bank slots are reasonable

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