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I Overlord I -> RE: In memory of Falerin (8/22/2019 9:01:26)

To be honest, I feel kind of morbid using the Tome on my alt, but it (and the Memorial) are a wonderful homage to Falerin all the same. May you battle on forever should you should so desire, O Great Loremaster. I only wish I'd taken the time to know you better while I still had the chance.

Travis Touchdown -> RE: In memory of Falerin (10/7/2019 2:15:44)

I just heard the news. I'm absolutely gutted to hear of his passing; he was such a gentleman, and a truly unique soul. Many of my greatest memories in my time on AdventureQuest were the result of his work, in particular the Devourer Saga, which is still among my favourite gaming experiences over a decade later. There are very few writers in the game industry who could hold a candle to his mastery of the written word and his unwavering thoroughness, and the sheer scale of how much the very world of AQ was shaped by his hand is unmatched, and will never be forgotten by its players. So often I find myself thinking back to one story of his or another, and it breaks my heart to know that his silver tongue is forever stilled.

Rest well, Loremaster. And thank you for everything. You may have never known how many people you touched, but we'll always remember you.

zekefreed777 -> RE: In memory of Falerin (12/17/2019 11:23:40)

My belated condolences to Falerin. I had no idea until I logged in recently and saw the in-game memorial that I was completely surprised by this news. [:(]

I loved the stories he wrote and I found them engaging. They always kept me coming back for more, to say the least...

Anon Y. Mous -> RE: In memory of Falerin (3/14/2020 17:50:01)

only just found out about this shocking news after stumbling back across the forums and this thread today. i never played AQ, but the legends and lore subforum was a huge part of my life for several formative years, and falerin was such a towering, brilliant, fundamental presence here. he created worlds that became homes for us to live in. this loss hurts deeply. battle on, falerin.

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