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MasterOogway -> Equipment Advice (7/30/2019 14:22:02)

I have been trying to update my inventory and as a FO Warrior, I have a few questions:

1- What are some good armors for wind and darkness? I tried Angel of Souls but didnt like it. How about Offensive Test Armour and AntiGuardian Plate.?

2- I have to compress two elements in shields as I love CIT. Is there a list of compression shields?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Equipment Advice (7/30/2019 15:32:52)

Horde's Outrage > Test Armour for 1.25 output and 1.15 intake > Tyrannochicken Rex Rider when Grenwog returns next year
Nocturnal Knight Rider from Yulgar/ Shadow of Doubt/ Ultimon's Armor

Cerebus Ward from Underworld Part I: The Hunt for Hollow
Fireworks Buckler a July 4 seasonal from LTS, Leaves after July!

Kaizoku -> RE: Equipment Advice (7/30/2019 15:34:39)

1. Feel free to use Offensive Test Armor until you can get Tyrannochicken Rider from Grenwog next year. Antiguardian only goes up to level 125, wouldn't recommend it. Maybe try Mecha Knight set or Ultimon?
2. You can find some compression shields listed at the bottom of the Shields section on the fan wiki:
The wiki may help you find whatever else you might think of later as well.

MasterOogway -> RE: Equipment Advice (7/31/2019 4:08:57)

I want Ultimon's armor but it is so hard to beat him. How can you beat a monster that has 100% backlash?

Also, I cant find any info about Mecha Knight set in AQ Encyclopedia. Where is the info?

Primate Murder -> RE: Equipment Advice (7/31/2019 6:29:07)

There are several ways to beat him.

- The hard way is to stay in FD armors, whittle him down with pets/guest attacks (which don't have backlash) and drink lots of potions.

- The medium difficulty plan is to use FO armors with Crystal of Restless Shadows misc - it heals you and reduces the damage you take from light/dark attacks. Still requires some input from pet/guest/potions.

- The easy way is to use Gandolphin while in Wizard Robes (Imbue toggled), and Kindred strike him with Bell Shell.

Mecha Knight: weapons, armor, shield, pet, misc.

MasterOogway -> RE: Equipment Advice (7/31/2019 11:22:22)

Thanks for the info. Mecha Knight armor looks good indeed. However, it doesnt write the BR and stats of each three hit.

Also, is there a walkthrough for Mecha Knight quest, so I know what is coming?

Primate Murder -> RE: Equipment Advice (7/31/2019 12:47:47)

Mecha Knight quest

You just kill a bunch of demonic monsters, really...

MasterOogway -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/1/2019 14:40:59)

I feel CIT is like a curse, I die way too easy.

Can you give me a list of shields that compresses 2 of the following 4 elements: Water, Earth, Ice, Energy ?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/1/2019 15:36:24)

Magnetic Bulwark
Chameleon Shield
Spell Barricade

MasterOogway -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/2/2019 8:24:03)

Thanks for the info.

Is there any item that gives fear immunity? I am tired of dying in the middle of quests because of being Afraid.

Primate Murder -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/2/2019 9:05:59)

Werepyre subrace and the token axes in LTS both give stun immunity.

MasterOogway -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/2/2019 13:45:18)

I am torn between Fujin Set and Imperial Regalia items.

I believe that Fujin Set weapon and Imperial Regalia shield is better for my build, what do you think?

Primate Murder -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/2/2019 14:21:44)

Let's see...

The Fujin spear is a good weapon, but, presuming you're planning to use an FO earth armor like Morningstar, you'd be better off with a 0-proc. That said, the Kusanagi sword takes a 30% damage penalty for the autohit, which is hardly optimal either. Maybe try something like AQxe?

As for the shield, it depends more on your playstyle. If you want an efficient source of extra damage for prolonged fights, Yata Mirror is pretty good. If you're planning more on using nukes, the extra accuracy from the Dex drive is more useful.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Equipment Advice (8/2/2019 17:40:37)

Corrupted Flora Shield for +7 Fear resistance

Catnip Senses for +20 Immobility resistance

Clan Defender's Memento for +5 Immobility resistance
Liquid Courage for +20 Fear resistance

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