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badboyhe -> bunch of random questions (8/2/2019 15:16:15)

1.Edit: never mind, the war ended a few hours early.

2. are arcane cutlass of combustion/radiance rare now? encycle says they're in UR GGB but I don't see them.

3. is there a way to arrange your house guards? I'd like to position them in a certain way but can't seem to find how.

4. Anyone ever bought chambered eternity love? Is it good? can I buy it outside of URGGB during valentines?

5. is there magic version of minotaur's pride? something that boost
magic attack damage.

Legendary Ash -> RE: bunch of random questions (8/2/2019 17:30:02)

Arcane Cutlasses went rare a few months ago after a GGB update on 3/18/19 made items scale to level.

Chambered Eternity has a high +20 difficulty save to inflict Control on the enemy, but uses enemy Cha for major stat, which the majority of enemies don't have as a stat, its the only Harm magic wand available in the game.

Minotaur day for Legendary Shadow Crystal V1 boosts all types of attacks and Naga day provides an Int boost for Magic.

badboyhe -> RE: bunch of random questions (8/3/2019 0:01:28)

gosh ash, you're so legendarily helpful
thanks bby!

Also, I am guessing there's currently no way to arrange house guard encounters?
I asked the question before and didn't get an answer.
Even if u guys don't know, please give me an "idk" so I'll know that I'm not the only one puzzled by this

AliceShiki -> RE: bunch of random questions (8/3/2019 2:59:14)

I think there is no way of arranging it... Not 100% certain of that though.

KuronekoAlchemist -> RE: bunch of random questions (8/3/2019 3:39:13)

There is one way. You have to buy them in the order you want them to appear.

The first guard you bought will be appear 1st, the second guard you bought will appear 2nd, the third you bought will be 3rd, etc.

badboyhe -> RE: bunch of random questions (8/3/2019 3:47:58)

i see, such a shame
it's too late for me [&:]
thank you guys.

last question: for wereprye users, magic and melee weapons are balanced right?
the description saidsaid magic would be brought up to melee standards, so will they deal the same damage or is melee
still slightly stronger because of lucky strikes?

Legendary Ash -> RE: bunch of random questions (8/3/2019 21:19:42)

Werepyre subrace armors give an extra +1/3 damage to Magic weapon attacks to bring it up to Melee level.
Lucky strikes are unaffected by the Warrior-Mage damage distribution scheme that is, the .75 damage of Magic weapon attacks and x2 damage of spells, LS damage is affected by weapon Special LS and LS damage boosts.

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