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ArrowMania -> Can't delete character (8/3/2019 7:37:08)

So whenever i try to delete my lvl 25 character it says my password is wrong even though i just inputed it to login a minute ago.I already have 3 characters and i want to star captain a new one but i can't as i'm out of character slots.I could also make a new account but this one is linked to a dragon amulet account so i'd rather delete this one.I sent a report of a bug,anything else i could do?

Roxas45 -> RE: Can't delete character (8/4/2019 22:14:32)

Is it possible that you're trying to delete the character on which you got the main Star Captain-ship in the first place?
If you got the pack of 6 SC I think one account out of them is non deletable, being the main one.

ArrowMania -> RE: Can't delete character (8/5/2019 12:14:42)

No,i never got star captain on any of my characters but according to discord it's a common problem that wasn't fixed :(.I sent a ticket to support and a dm on twitter,hopefully they can either delete one of the characters or give me 1 extra slot since i'll get it anyway after i upgrade to star captain.

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