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reka91 -> Dragon Ribs Recipe (8/7/2019 17:37:18)

Hey all,

I used to be big into these games, and I pretty much wanted to learn everything about them. I remember there was a newsletter (I think it was for DragonFable?) that sometimes had recipes. The “dragon ribs” recipe really stood out to me since my mom and I lived in a town home and didn’t have a grill, and it only used the oven to cook. After a few moves, that recipe’s been lost, and despite my best efforts I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is there any chance someone here has it saved, or has a method for finding it?


Aishiko -> RE: Dragon Ribs Recipe (8/22/2019 19:54:06)

This Dragon Ribs recipe, why does it seem so familiar? I feel like I've definitely seen it before... I hope someone here will be able to find it again!

In Media Res -> RE: Dragon Ribs Recipe (8/22/2019 22:53:01)

Google says: Dragon Ribs Recipe!

It looks like it was a Zardian article. It also looks pretty good, although it doesn't have enough garlic.

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