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roobee -> What is Twily? (8/23/2019 12:59:25)

I found a Twily (single l, no exclamation mark) in my inventory and I can't remember where I got him. I can't find any info sub that mentions him. Anyone know where one gets Twily?

Laith -> RE: What is Twily? (8/23/2019 13:11:33)

This one?

roobee -> RE: What is Twily? (8/23/2019 13:20:27)

That Twily has an exclamation mark, so no. The pet looks the same though.

AliceShiki -> RE: What is Twily? (8/23/2019 14:52:30)

I believe the exclamation mark simply doesn't show in the char page. Hard to be sure though, but it's most likely that since they have the same art.

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