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mew626 -> X-G 150 BMM revamp (9/3/2019 3:30:40)

Hey guys! I am looking to revamp my play style that relies on something else besides amazing nukes. What should I do?

lolerster -> RE: X-G 150 BMM revamp (9/3/2019 9:54:33)

You can run a fully defensive build with FD armors, 100% prox weapons and put a lot of focus on pets/guests.

mew626 -> RE: X-G 150 BMM revamp (9/4/2019 13:07:19)

I have already tried that before, is there any other play styles?

lolerster -> RE: X-G 150 BMM revamp (9/4/2019 15:46:47)

Uh maybe you can try a build a mix of FO and FD kind of like what I'm running now except you would run all charisma instead of luck, run regular beastmaster pets + porlala instead of the booster/utility pets I'm running and run Sol neko instead of luna.

Basically you are trying to have all (or most of) FO builds' burst damage, but when you need to wack stuff, you can stay in neko armor + 100% proc weapons + pets to grind the fight out. You are taking advantage of neko armor's high compression to fit FO armors into your build and your spell slots.

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