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Kurtz96 -> Aberrant vs deatharrow (9/9/2019 20:36:58)

For beastmaster is it worth sacrificing some damage from Aberrant for the elemental vulnerability ability of deatharrow. Also is the deatharrow ability to same as the model 294 pet?

Broccoli -> RE: Aberrant vs deatharrow (9/9/2019 20:52:36)

Deatharrow has a CHA vs INT roll, while Model 294 has a CHA vs END roll.

Kaizoku -> RE: Aberrant vs deatharrow (9/10/2019 1:00:13)

As for whether it's better, I personally like to employ effects akin to Deatharrows as a BM because that effect will not only benefit me, it will also help out your guest.
It's the same thing with items like the Scarab shield as well, the MRM reduction helps your whole team hit better.
Someone else can probably do the math if the damage boost from Deatharrows is better than Aberrant's selfboost.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Aberrant vs deatharrow (9/10/2019 21:30:18)

Aberrant's MC goes to reducing the Hpcost by 2% melee, so the Hpcost is worth 18% melee, the damage gained is +20% melee to a pet's 40% melee for a total of 60% melee.
Deatharrow and Model 294 trade 22% melee to inflict a 22/(1.4*.5) = 31.43% melee EleVul, on average with expected stats the damage is 22% melee.
It does not receive a /2 for using the Elevul with a skill/spell, therefore with a skill there is an additional ((22*1.25)-22) = 5.5% melee damage gain.
In Offensive lean armors it would be like a skill, an additional 5.5% melee form Elevul from the Armor lean and if using a skill an additional 6.875% melee, which is a 12.375% melee added on to a 40% melee for a total of 52.375% melee.

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