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raoul626 -> DF armors as D&D classes (9/11/2019 5:28:29)

howdy, y'all,

so I've posted this before, but can't find it anymore so here it goes again.

I've created a D&D class based on the SoulWeaver and mechanically based on Monk. It's nearly finished but I could use some help;

- I have no idea about how balanced it is
- Can anyone write good class flavor text? 'cause I can't (the thing just after the name of the [Sub]class, whatever it's called)
- I also created a separate document for alternate features. Let me know if these are better (balanced) than some other feature and if so, which

The Classes;
Important: the documents auto-update

with Subclasses

alternative class features

to download the file as pdf, add the following to the end (no quotes)

PS. these are versions without pictures I also have them with pictures, but these are easier to edit.

Brandazzle -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/13/2019 19:29:35)

I would love to write you some flavortext, and there are some minor spelling & grammar issues that I'd be happy to correct for you.
While I’m not quite experienced enough as a game designer or DM to judge the general balance of this home-brew in the larger system, I do have quite a lot of feedback just within the class.

Regarding the base class mechanics:
I think there should be at least some description/mechanic for making SoulCloth for people besides yourself, as this is canonically the most typical activity of the average Soulweaver. (perhaps integrated w/ the magic item creation mechanic?) (perhaps SoulCloth as a magic item category?)
I noticed that the 15th level ability is listed as "Timelessness of a Soul" in the leveling chart on the subclass version, but the 15th-level ability in the details is "Soul Sense." I suspect this is simply your forgetting to revise the chart.
Regarding the “Soul Blinking” ability: What exactly does “teleport up to half your speed” mean?
I think the “Soul Lash” ability only makes sense as a base class ability when using the non-subclassed version; with subclasses I think it could make a good Chaosweaver ability.

Regarding the subclasses:
For Soulweaver: I currently don’t see any implementation of the Synch mechanic, and I think that is an important part of the functioning of Soulweaver.
Additionally, the Retribution ability is really, really powerful. I don't know how intentional this was, but it is devastating. Perhaps a limit should be imposed on how many times you can tug on the thread before it breaks. (Alternatively, maybe you meant it to be this powerful. Perhaps nerfing it could be balanced out by implementing the Synch mechanic.)
For Chaosweaver: I think the Soul Shield ability should be revised to only apply to SoulCloth, since as written, it applies regardless of what you’re wearing.
For Fleshweaver: I love the implementation here, especially Tanislav’s Last Will. I think you did a really good job with it. My only suggestion (which feeds into my last note) is that there be some discussion of the role-play impact of becoming a Fleshweaver.

My main general note: I think there should be more discussion of, and guidelines for, roleplaying these classes. (A lot of this will probably come with the flavor text.) While the people using the home-brew will likely be people already familiar with DragonFable, I still think an exploration of how to truly role-play these and how Soulweaving can fit with the typical DnD world would be nice. (I am very willing to write it.)

Finally, I would like to see some discussion/implementation of Soulsmithing, either as another subclass, a different class, or a flavor note for worlds incorporating Soulweaving. I have some ideas in this direction, and would be happy to discuss them with you.

Overall, I really like how you’ve implemented this. I would love to help you improve the project.

gakorogirl -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/13/2019 23:37:29)

I think it would be interesting to make it INT-based instead of CHA-based, since weaving seems to be at least partially academically learned like 90% of the time, as opposed to being inherent like CHA-based classes. Maybe an either/or option?

Otherwise I think the base class seems pretty solid, but I'd need to take it for a test drive to determine how the subclasses would work with the main features. I agree with the person above me that it would be good to have at least one flavor mechanic for actually weaving cloth.

Remorse is kind of OP imo, as is the Diamond Soul feature which makes it basically impossible to fail saves if I'm interpreting it correctly.

mahasamatman -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/14/2019 2:45:09)

Cool! I really like the concept, although the class has some kinks that need working out.

Comments on subclass version:
Can't see what soulclaws do, the file seems to be kinda broken when there are 3 columns in 1 page.
Soulclaw weapon stats are unspecified.
In sould threads, the names include another ability (not the norm of 5e), and don't include blinking.
Giving evasion a new name is just confusing if it's mechanically the same.
Repentance is kinda badly worded.
Maybe allow changing Soul Affinity element on long rest?
Soulally doesn't actually have STATS- how does it attack? What are the save modifiers?
Remorse deals very little damage, much less than you'd get from 4 attacks (or from 2 good hits). It seems very underpowered, crunch the numbers.
Chaosweaving (lvl 3) doesn't seem to actually grant you any combat benefit. maybe base is on Kensei?
There are 2 abilities names soul pierce.
Soul Consume is absurdly powerful- flight, invisibility at super low cost and gaining a ****ton of points. I'd remove flight and gain temp HP instead of threads.
Tanislav's last will does not specify action to use.

Overall the class is pretty good (although the monk-base is heavily visible) and well-balanced.
I agree with gakorogirl that Int should replace Cha for the class. I'd also give a mental ability save (not wisdom) instead of strength.

raoul626 -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/14/2019 10:22:34)

thanks for your feedback already

I would love it if you would write the Fluff for me, just send a document and let me know if, and how I should credit you.

you might be right about CHA => INT, my train of thought was you have to convince the Souls to be woven or something
remorse seems to be divisive, why do you think it OP? it's an altered Magic Missile, especially useful against groups and detrimental vs Single enemies
diamond soul is taken straight from Monk

I have some comments about your comments (in the order you wrote them),
the description of SoulClaws isn't broken on my end
everything you need to know how SoulClaws work is in the feature description
monk's ki ability is structured the same way as the (Soul)Weaver's SoulThreads ability
evasion: maybe, I'll look into it
how exactly is Repentance badly worded? elaborate
Soul affinity is based on the Elemental Adept feat, you can't change that on a long rest either
SoulAlly only attacks with its reaction, if by save modifiers you mean its modifier when it needs o make a save imma change that
remorse attacks multiple people, and does more damage than your SoulClaws at the level it is gained, only falling behind 4 levels later
ChaosWeaver gets an automatic magic weapon they can resummon if he is disarmed, I don't see how that isn't a combat benefit. It's also based on the pact of the blade warlock and inspired by Vaal's.
Soul Pierce wasn't supposed to exist anymore removed
Soul Consume Nerfed a little
Last will is fixed

Brandazzle -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/14/2019 16:04:36)

Would you like me to draft a Soulsmith class variation, or just include the existence of Soulsmithing in the flavortext? Or not do anything with it?

raoul626 -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/15/2019 5:52:52)

Brandazzle: Maybe just the flavor text, thanks

raoul626 -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (9/21/2019 5:20:09)

changed ability dependence from Charisma to Intelligence
renamed "Retribution" to "Soul Banish"
changed "Soul Pierce" to the 3rd level ChaosWeaver Feature and added "Soul Gambit" as 6th level ability

Deleted the Subclass-less version

Scakk -> RE: DF armors as D&D classes (10/29/2019 23:24:09)

I am going to lock this thread as it falls under advertising and a form of recruitment. Please see the PM I sent you for further information.

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