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Firedice18 -> City of Thieves (9/13/2019 10:38:39)

Sorry for asking where can I find this city?

I have no idea where in map can I find this place..

Kaizoku -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 10:41:29)

It's not strictly called that, rather referring to the place on the map known for having lots of thieves in it.

Firedice18 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 11:01:38)

i dont understand. Where should i go then? im sorry not being updated in lores map

Lord Markov -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 11:47:53)

It's not a new location in the slightest, being one of the oldest cities on the map.


If you need a further hint you can train one of the base 3 classes there.

hellblade124 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 12:25:56)

im guessing its a certain DEX stat based base class?

Kurtz96 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 15:19:39)

It is somewhere on the screen with the NPC (delete this if it is too spoilery)

hellblade124 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 16:34:54)

i just cant seem to find where to click on that screen if i am correct

hellblade124 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 16:37:43)

could you dm me a pic of where to click on the screen i wont post the spoilers cause it would be against the rules and nobody uploaded it on youtube yet

Kurtz96 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 18:50:31)


I PMed you

Firedice18 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 20:13:19)

Alright thank you Guys found the spot

Kinzdor -> RE: City of Thieves (9/13/2019 22:54:13)

Been away for so long almost forgot about that little gem of a town.

redqueen24 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/14/2019 2:40:14)

Imma hijack this question..Can sum1 pm me s well? I'm having trouble finding the spot.

Kurtz96 -> RE: City of Thieves (9/14/2019 12:13:58)

I PMed you

afterlifex -> RE: City of Thieves (9/14/2019 20:42:30)

Just going to go an lock this since there is a GD topic and this isn't something Q&A should handle. At this point if someone must have the answer there are enough people they can PM to ask.~afterlifex

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