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GoldenLion -> Build/Equipment Update (9/26/2019 18:40:24)

Hi everyone. I'm back after being gone about 2 years and I am relearning the game -- more notably the updates in game while I have been gone.

As you can see in my page I'm a Hybrid build, but after seeing the new stat caps (250), along with limited SP to try and fill such caps I take it the more optimal build is now a Pure Warrior or Pure Mage.
Please give suggestions on equipment I should look into acquiring for a Warrior and Mage build.
I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks a lot!

Legendary Ash -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/26/2019 20:42:24)

Hybrid is still a decent build with 250 in Str/Dex/Int or you can choose to use only Werepyre subrace armors that has a stat toggle to use Str/Int for BtH and damage to put 250 Dex into Luk.
Currently there is a September only Token sale that doesn't apply to GGBs, due to an earlier GGB discount, there are two items that are Tokens from the following recommendations.

Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword
Kindred Spirits' Enlightenment/ Kindred Spirits' Prestige
Long Talon/ Kaze Shamrock Sensu from Ninja-Chauns/ Divine Kazemai Athame/ Upgrade Long Talon into Mystic Long Talon via Item Upgrader from Manage account
Horo Vanquisher/ Paragon Ice Blade
Bloodzerker's Terra Sword
Pixel Blade/ Enchanted Pixel Blade
Elahi Kopesh of Osiris/ Elahi Crook of Osiris
Terror Eater to use with Werewolf's Snarl/ Tome of Cerberus from Underworld Part I: The Hunt for Hollow/ Loremaster Tome from Falerin's Memorial
Sell Agony, Omni as available from Twily's Annivesary quests, Carnafex, Harpy to Torch, Bouquet as a mother's day seasonal, Legacy, Crystalline and store Onyxx, Tempest, Moglin

Pyro/ Malicious Devil
Tortress/ Heartless Beast
Rex Rider / Golden Horror
Horo Vigilante for Pre-Status lean slightly above Neutral lean intake with Offensive lean output and old standard High Elecomp skill that is stronger than modern standards
Werewolf for Snarl's Afriad/ Terra Bloodzerker
High Oracle's Taladosian Robes for same reason as Horo
Advanced Werepyre as second no drop after completing 11th mission of Werepyre subrace/ Angel of Souls from Death's Domain Nowhere/ Vampire for Mesmerize's Control
Sell StarSlayer, Bundorable as a Grenwog seasonal, Ire, Leaf, Bulk, Gunner to Doubt and store Savage, Merc

Fireworks Buckler
Celtic Wheel for Int boost
Accordion for +20 Control Potence to use with Vampire's Mesmerize
Umazen Aspis for -26 to Energy and +20 Paralysis Potence to use with FruitcakeZard from The Umazon Stirs
Sell Hydro, Cosmic, Chimeran, Agony, Ward, Eye, Ikm, Cryo as available at Guardian account shop and store Fujin

Dodgeball Z in place of Star Forge if won from Back to School Login contest
Sell Fan, Vision, Poutine as its Burn deals 0 damage due to a bug that is unfixed for months, Army as available from Zorbak's shop at Warlic's shop, Beaver as available from Guardian account shop

Nerfbat for Defence loss
Ice Cream Golem > Frosty Godfather an Ice toggle to Paralysis pet returns next year's father's day in LTS shop
Nerfit for Defence loss
Skele-Brain a Darkness toggle to Paralysis pet from Chessmaster: Dark Tidings
Sell kitten, Badb, Caes, Trjegul and store Salamancer, Dino, Mau, Lepre-Chan

Luminous Wyrm helm/ Elahi Irt of Osiris for Spell boost
Terror Visage for +20 Afraid Potence to use with Werewolf's Snarl/ Catcher's Mask
Sell Trophy, Earring, Liquid, Rattle/Adoration as a Snugglefest seasonal, Ocarina as a Grenwog seasonal, Seed as a Harvest seasonal, Gemini as available from Guardian shop, Elven as available from Robina's shop, Blood Ruby as available from Twilly's Anniversary quests and store Emblem, Diamond, V1 unless Minotaur/Naga day,

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/26/2019 21:37:10)

Thanks a lot Legendary Ash. So much informative content. Sorry for the trouble.
Though, should I prioritize the Terra Bloodzerker armor/weapon over a Dunamis/Poelala in the UR GGB shop? (atm I have just 1 UR GGB)
Fortunately I do also have 4 Rare GGBs. I'm really considering the Bloodzerker weapons.
I'm looking through the GGB shops now.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/26/2019 23:47:28)

If you don't plan to select the Elemental booster pets as reward bonuses from Token packages such as Ramssy, Chilly, the Dunamis Guest should priority, the Pet Dun/Poe should be after getting Bloodzerker items.

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 9:49:10)

Hey Ash, I completed some quests and acquired some of the suggested equipment, but I'm just curious as to why you suggested Advanced Werepyre as my no drop secondary, due to it not being end-game levelled. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing?
I just trained as a Werepyre and got to lv 10, and did the last mission afterward where I defeated undead dragons. I'm sending this message straight out of finishing the quest and practicing the moves on the Combat Trainer. It was my first time using the armor and class. I played around with the skills, but please enlighten me as to how to use the armor/skills properly.

Thanks again.

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 10:12:57)

Pertaining to Z Token equipment while also trying to take advantage of the discount period, I'm curious about the viability of these gears in the current meta:

Peta Dragon Buster
Ebony Sepulchre Form

Would y'all suggest I go for them or pass? Also, if there are good alternatives you may suggest.

Also in terms of heavy damage dealing, how does the current meta compare to acquiring the Dragon Blade/Staff and using Dracomorgrify?
Is it better or comparable? Should I just go for the Dragon Blade by defeating Essence Dragons instead of buying the Peta Dragon Buster?

How would the Ebony Sepulchre Form do in the current meta? I'm curious about it. It's one of the Z token items that has been in the back of my mind to potentially acquire because of videos I've seen of people using it and doing crazy damage.


lolerster -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 13:00:19)

Ebony Sepulchre form is a complete waste of tokens.

Dracomorgify is not used to commonly in most builds, because it falls short of armor skills in damage and also requires at least 1 extra turn. I think AliceShiki has this super specialized dragonslayer build so maybe copy her character

AliceShiki -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 14:26:50)

Both Ebony Seppy and Peta DB are not meta-relevant items.

That said, both are still very good items in their own right for the amount of utility they bring, they can also make whole builds that revolve around them if you so wish.

Still, if what you're seeking is optimal gear, then you should pass on them. They're good utility choices, not good meta items.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 14:48:24)

Werepyre should scale to end game level once the last mission with Undead Dragons and Corpse Dragon is complete, if not you may report it as a bug in AQ Bugs after an attempt to clear subrace with The Cure quest and turning into Werepyre again to see if it fixes it.
Take a look at the linked Werepyre armor's skills, you'll see that Lv 10 Become the Beast deals skill level damage and switches to Offensive lean for 1.25*2 damage. Lv 9 Dual Fangs skill is used when the enemy is weak to one of the two elements it seeks against and benefits from the Elecomp it receives.

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 16:57:47)

I know pursuit of the Terror set (particularly the misc., weapon, and shield) is a big go-to with the z-token discount period, but is the armor not being suggested due to the other good FO Darkness armors in the game? I assume one can get by without the Terror set's armor? I'm just asking because in the past the reputation for this set was to have the whole thing (pet optional) to best utilize use of Fear.
So, in the long and short of it, should I get the armor or pass on it?


On a side note, while I tried to look up the endgame Terror Set (especially the potential Z-Token cost and stats) the links only lead to a lv123 version of the set. Where can I properly report this (unless you guys beat me to it)?

AliceShiki -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 17:20:13)

Pedia is currently heavily outdated. I'm working on getting it up to date, but the backlog is humongous.

For now, you will have to use info subs for most items released in recent years... I'll slowly reduce this backlog though.

Terror is low on my priority list because it's a token item though, so don't expect to see an updated pedia entry for it any time soon.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (9/27/2019 17:27:47)

I have compilations of the majority of up to date items in Pending Guides under Optimization Academy, it contains info sub entries of items that have not yet made it to the Encyclopedia besides those that do have proper entries.
The rest of the Terror items are below:
Terror Raiment
Terror Totem
Terror Aranacabra

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/1/2019 23:35:52)

Does anyone happen to know the current location of the Umazen Stirs quest?
When I click links of it they all say it's under "Today's Event" and it's not there.
I've been looking around the shops in Lore to see if it may be in any of them but I haven't found it so far...

AliceShiki -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/1/2019 23:55:38)

It's in Travel Map, bottom left part of the first screen IIRC! ^^)/

Alternatively, you can click on Burning Solstice and the first quest in the list is a redirect to the Umazen Uprising Quest Chain.

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/2/2019 12:59:06)

I have just learned of the Cerberus Ward shield and was unfortunately misinformed by the AQ wiki when I went looking for it in Mt Thrall.
I ended up doing the quest for the Mecha Knight set thinking it may have said shield.

Can anyone tell me where I can locate it?
Also, is anything from the Mecha Knight set worth buying?


lolerster -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/2/2019 13:15:03)

It you are not playing as a vampire, the mecha knight armor is a decent darkness armor until you can get angel of souls. The shield is very good, but if you are playing with Cheftan's Ironthorn, you are better off using Cerberus Ward. The pet is strong. I would get it. Weapon is meh. You are better off with Greater Dark Blade of Victory.

Cerberus Ward is from the wicked king questline in mt. Thrall.

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/2/2019 13:20:16)

Edit: I finally found a link giving me proper direction. Thanks anyway.

GoldenLion -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/2/2019 21:34:00)

Alright, so now I'm in pursuit of the Golem Guard shield, from Robina's Moster Hunt quest.
I saw a YouTube video showing 9 different monster essences to hunt for. Namely, the Golem Essence.
However, in the current quest there are only 6 essences shown. None being the Golem Essence.
Why is that? Is the Golem Guard still available? Do I have to hunt down a specific monster(s) essence before I can possibly access Golem Essences?


lolerster -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/3/2019 0:53:48)

Golem Guard is not available at the moment ASAIK. However, while it technically gives the best damage reduction against earth, I would suggest a different shield even if it was available as the SP upkeep is noticeable when combined with a misc.. If you end up having to use Essence Orb because of the Shield, it's a net loss.

  • Sol Defender: Only for Beastmasters, but allows you to have 5.7% damage reduction at 250 CHA for no sp cost instead of 10.7% for 59 SP/turn.
  • Morningstar Bulwark: If you are not a beastmaster, go with this Shield instead. This thing can easily outperform Golem Guard at low earth reist %. Remember that at low resistances, 10.7% damage reduction isn't as good as it sounds.

  • Helmino -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/3/2019 5:50:29)


    Sol Defender: Only for Beastmasters, but allows you to have 5.7% damage reduction

    Also,there is seasonal rare Macka-Lot Buckler, it has even higher dmg red.

    lolerster -> RE: Build/Equipment Update (10/3/2019 9:59:14)

    I left rares out but, yes, if you have the grenwog painting, this will give 6.7% DR at 250 cha.

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