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RaXZerGamingZ -> Nightmare Dage Paragon (9/27/2019 15:32:36)

I dont understand why this item isnt a 100% drop rate, the boss is here for a limited time aswell as he is the hardest in the game ( i think ). Whitebeard has beat him 7 times and still doesnt have it. It's just stupid the armor should be 100% drop the fight takes long enough

8x -> RE: Nightmare Dage Paragon (9/28/2019 7:23:57)

Personally, I don't even understand why it's a limited NPC. You'd think that they would want to leave a strong NPC like that in-game permanently, so that players have something to work towards.

RaXZerGamingZ -> RE: Nightmare Dage Paragon (11/9/2019 19:01:08)

Rarity i assume

Albus dumbledore -> RE: Nightmare Dage Paragon (12/25/2019 20:03:33)

Now i reached my 13th times of beating him still no armor i do not know why they made it only for drop why not mission chain, nw should make the drop rate 100% he is the hardest 2v1 boss and rare i wasted over 60 hours between defeating him and failed tries which took me alone over 40 hours ........... i feel depressed.

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