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GoldenNeo -> Alignment Switching (9/29/2019 6:29:09)

Since you can switch to Exile for 1250 varium, why not make the switching alignments free for the losing side? Instead of paying to join the losing side and still pay varium?

Plus the fact that the player base nowadays is extremely been low, only few Legion and Exile players are actually playing, at this point, it seems that Legion has more ACTIVE players than Exile, so in some sense, it would be like Legion has MORE players than Exile, so which means switching to Exile should be free.

(I'm suggesting this because I'm salty that I can't switch back to Exile without spending) Hope this gets pushed through though. [:)]

melinalowks -> RE: Alignment Switching (10/1/2019 21:07:43)

100% Supported.

I suggest adding a quota system, have an equal amount of Active Exiles and Active Legions.
Example, there’s 400 exiles and 400 legions that are active

GoldenNeo -> RE: Alignment Switching (10/2/2019 1:22:19)

I dont know much about the how the coding system works, but trying to determine the number of active players without a specific variable might be too hard idk xD but it would seem much easier if they can get us to switch to a losing side for free, for example, if Legion wins this war, you can switch to Exile for free, and vice versa, in this case, it would seem that Exile can get more reinforcement. Loyalty isn't even a question these days just because of the player base

melinalowks -> RE: Alignment Switching (10/2/2019 23:00:18)

It's actually hard lol xD You have to look at the categorical data, etc.

It makes sense to just encourage players to switch or join the losing side.

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