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Location: The Elemental Spirit of Sloth, Pandora's Gauntlet, Sloth Appears!

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Pierce
Element: Nature

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: 0
DEX: Level*5/2
INT: Level*5/2
CHA: 200
LUK: Level*5/4
END: Level*5/4
WIS: 0

Boost: 0%
Bonus: 5 + Level/5
Crit: 10 + LUK/10

Damage Multipliers
Non-Crit: 100%
Dex: [100+DEX/40]%
DoT: [100+DEX/4]%
Crit: [175+INT/10]%

Melee: 25 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Pierce: 25 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Magic: 25 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Block: 25 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Parry: 25 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Dodge: 25 * Level/90 + LUK/20

Damage Reduction
Non-Crit: 0%
DoT: 0%
Crit: 0%

Shrink: 200
Immobility: 200

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - Sloth falls asleep, dealing no damage but recovers 20% of its maximum HP. (Pop-up: Sloth falls asleep and heals!)
Attack Type 2 - Sloth's male body binds its target with vines for 4 hits of 100% Pierce Nature damage, amounting to 400% damage; applies 'Entangled' to target, stunning it for 2 turns; recovers 4% of its maximum HP.
Attack Type 3 - Sloth's female body hurls stones at its target for 16 hits of 25% Pierce Nature damage, amounting to 400% damage; recovers 2% of its maximum HP.
Attack Type 4 - Sloth's bodies clasp hands, dealing no damage but applying 'Sloth's Action' (+100 Bonus, +50% Boost) to itself for 6 turns. (Pop-ups: 'Let us rest!' / 'I don't want to fight today...')
Attack Type 5 - Sloth's bodies prime and fire an arrow at the target in unison for 1 hit of 600% Pierce Nature damage.

Other information
  • Each of Sloth's two bodies will awaken and fall asleep as it is damaged by the player, in turn determining which attack it uses;
    • If Sloth loses less than [2*Level] HP in a single turn, both of its bodies will fall asleep and it will perform Attack Type 1.
    • If Sloth loses more than [(12*Level) - 10X] HP in a single turn, where X is the number of times Sloth has alternated bodies, both of its bodies will awaken and perform Attack Type 4, before performing Attack Type 5 on the next turn. If 'Sloth's Action' is already active, Attack Type 5 will be used immediately in place of Attack Type 4.
    • If neither of the above is applicable, one of Sloth's bodies will awaken as the other falls asleep, performing either Attack Type 2 or Attack Type 3.
  • Sloth will use Attack Type 2 while its male body is awake and Attack Type 3 while its female body is awake.
  • Sloth will alternate between male and female waking bodies each turn it takes damage if at least one body is awake. (Pop-ups: 'I can't take it anymore.' / 'My turn.' / 'If I must.' / 'I'll just close my eyes for a moment.')

    Male Body Awake Appearance
    Female Body Awake Appearance
    Both Bodies Awake Appearance

    Thanks to Solanaceae for corrections and Attack Type determination formulae.

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