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TheSecond22 -> TheSecond22's Maybe-Useful-Ideas (10/7/2019 3:37:55)

Note: I will be writing more ideas in here if and ever I can more ideas
  • Maybe have keyboard shortcuts like 'm' for map, 'b' for bag and etc. This could also be implemented in PvP so, instead of clicking abilities, we could just press keyboard keys. Furthermore, I'd really like a 'esc' button for closing down 'tabs' quicker in game. For example, when one has finished looking at a quest or a shop, instead of clicking the 'X' button at the corner to close it, a 'esc' would make it quicker.

  • The in-game animations could be improved/updated. This would make things more fun, interesting and more attractive. If your looking for some animators that could to this, Hyunsdojo has some people. Can just go to their website and ask.

  • The ability to do some emotes while fighting
  • Quicker pvp match-ups. Especially when there's less players, should make it so the we can get matched up to npc's quicker. Or, have another separate PvP for npc's. I know you can just battle npc's by clicking on them but, for missions that require PvP...
  • Disable getting matched up against 4+ lvl higher than you. I dunno if it's just me but I find those fights like, impossible to win.

  • A 'Race' selection: human, elf, dragon etc. In addition, each race could have a unique buff. For example, if you pick Elf, maybe you can have a longer 'turn-time' so, you get to have more time to think about your next move or something.

  • Energy Regeneration(the mana one not the "Physical/Energy") - could make it so that you can gain energy if you 'Strike'.
  • Different Energy/Mana types - Like in League of Legends, the champions don't all just have Mana. Some champions, like the ninjas (Shen), have energy which get's restored periodically...and others (like Riven) don't have Mana at all but can still use abilities.

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