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Conadetrion -> Potential (10/15/2019 20:26:36)

I wish I could take this game and take it higher than anyone ever thought possible. Ive been an artix entertainment player for 11 years and its sad to see this game die. So many ways to upgrade. So many ways to fight. So many story lines... Theres so much potential this game has. I would hate to see it go to waste...

DarkTear -> RE: Potential (10/23/2019 18:16:03)

I agree with you, I miss MQ a lot it had infinite potential with a lot of mech, planets, storylines,...Im thinking to play again from start.

Roxas45 -> RE: Potential (10/24/2019 19:01:02)

Seconded. MQ has always been and remains to this date, my favourite of all the AQ games. It is sad that the game has been entirely inactive for so long, but I can understand the decisions and the events that caused it in the first place.

I wish that we could still get some content though, like a monthly, quarterly or half yearly update or something like that. I DO appreciate the fact that we get seasonal events happening now by default, since that is insanely useful for when I come back for a brief moment or two.

edwardvulture -> RE: Potential (3/13/2020 1:52:29)

Honestly, this game can easily be transferred to mobile. Mech battles have 6 buttons and melee combat has less. Mechquest mobile should be a thing.

lordmastersupreme -> RE: Potential (4/9/2020 11:06:44)

I would love to see mechquest receiving updates, i miss it soo muuuuch. I still play sometimes... wish it wasn't dead. I hope for the updates to return in the future [:(] undoubtedly it is one of the best AE games, my 2nd favorite! (the 1st place goes to dragonfable)

Sqwall -> RE: Potential (7/12/2020 2:37:24)

I also wish that - i have spent a lot of time on this game back in the day. It also my second favorite after the original AQ. Was even active on the suggestions page and whatnot. Still play a little bit here and tho i'm longing for what it was before [:(]. Too bad people were not too interested in this game - i think it's great.

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